Barack Obama's amnesty program was illegal and unconstitutional. The law is clear that illegal aliens cannot live or work here. Obama decided to push the law aside and grant illegal aliens work permits anyway. His decision had no basis in law, it was purely an executive order.

Trump promised to rescind the order and he did, setting a March 5 deadline for Congress to come up with a solution or face the total end of the program. Since the amnesty program was created using an executive order, it can be dissolved by one as well.

District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis -- a Clinton-appointee -- just issued a radical injunction against the Trump administration, ordering the President to restore Obama's amnesty program and continue accepting applications.

This judge is so radical that he is actually ordering the President to flout the law... He is ordering the President to violate the country's immigration laws...

This is what liberal activism looks like. This man must be stopped!

Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress intervene and stop this activist judge's amnesty ruling, by any means necessary!

The Justice Department is vowing to fight the ruling all the way to the Supreme Court, but that could take weeks. A judge in California issued a similar ruling months ago and the Trump administration is still waiting on the Supreme Court to respond to their claim.

If this judge's activist ruling is allowed to go into effect, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens will get added to the amnesty program. 

Yesterday, we were just treated to another example of what these "Dreamers" are bringing to this country. A toddler riding aboard an ambulance was killed when a 27-year-old illegal alien -- one of the "Dreamers" we keep hearing about -- crashed into it. He tried to flee the scene of the accident, but a witness jumped in to hold him down. Police administered a breathalyzer two hours after the crash and Jose Martin Duran Romero still registered a blood alcohol content two-times the legal limit.

This is the man that Democrats shut down the government to try to protect. If they had gotten their way last month, he would have been put on the fast-track to citizenship. Instead, he's behind bars for killing a toddler.

And this liberal activist judge wants to protect close to a million illegal aliens just like him...


Send your instant FaxBlast now and DEMAND that Congress intervene and stop this liberal activist judge's ruling before it's too late!

The President has made his demand clear. If Congress doesn't approve his immigration demands, he will let Obama's DACA amnesty program expire.

Conservatives in Congress have been stopping the amnesty Republicans from handing out amnesty like candy. With the deadline fast approaching, this activist judge is now stepping in to try to literally change the law. 

Why? Because he doesn't like that Trump said mean things about illegal aliens. Yes, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis ordered President Trump to restart Obama's amnesty program because he didn't like what Trump has said about illegal aliens.

The Judicial System will fight Trump at every step. It is up to Congress to intervene. That means it is up to YOU to force them to!

Send your instant FaxBlast now and DEMAND that Congress intervene and stop this liberal activist judge's ruling before it's too late!