Fellow Conservative,

It’s happening. Today, the United States Senate will hold a vote to hopefully override one of President Obama’s vetos.

Earlier this summer, the administration released old 9/11-related documents that show Saudi Arabian involvement in the September 11th attacks.

So, Congress did what is only logical: they passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, a bill to allow the victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue anyone determined to be responsible for the attacks. That’s common sense.

If Saudi Arabia helped the hijackers, then they should be legally held responsible.

The legislation passed both the House and the Senate by unanimous voice vote. Obama then vetoed the bill, denying the victims and their families much needed justice.

Today, the Senate will vote on whether to override this veto.

Because the bill was passed by a voice vote, no one is on record as supporting or opposing the legislation. This will allow Democrats and liberal Republicans alike to vote against the veto override without having to worry about changing their vote.

The sad truth is that there are Members of Congress – in both parties – who would deny the 9/11 victims justice in order to protect Obama’s legacy.

This is shameful!

Don’t let Obama get away with this! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they override Obama’s pathetic 9/11 victim legislation veto!

We have the opportunity today to override Barack Obama’s veto for the first time.

We have the ability to show the world that anyone who perpetrates or finances an attack against America will face the consequences.

But most importantly, we have the chance to give the 9/11 victims and their families the justice that they have waited years for…

Those who lost loved ones will never be made whole again. Those who survived the attacks have been left with debilitating injuries, diseases, and cancers.

These victims deserve a government that will put their interests above the interests of the Saudi Royal Family. Today, YOU have the opportunity to do just that!

The vote is happening today. If just 34 Democrats vote to protect Obama’s legacy, it is over. That is how close we are…

The 9/11 victims need your help! Send your FaxBlast here and FORCE Congress to override Barack Obama’s veto and give the victims and their families justice!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily