Fellow Conservative,

They’ve actually done it.  The House Freedom Caucus has officially filed a privileged resolution to force a vote on impeaching Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Representatives John Fleming (R-LA) and Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) introduced a resolution to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Wednesday.

Like Hillary Clinton, Commissioner Koskinen lied to Congress about the destruction of evidence during an investigation.

“With two subpoenas and three preservation orders in place, under Mr. Koskinen’s watch the IRS destroyed 422 backup tapes containing potentially 24,000 emails relevant to the IRS targeting of conservative organizations. This is unacceptable,” Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan said in a statement. “The American people see two standards in this country: one for ‘we, the people’ and another for the powerful and politically connected. No private citizen would be able to get away with what the IRS did, and neither should Mr. Koskinen.”

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted last month to formally censure Commissioner Koskinen for lying before Congress. This was essentially a slap on the wrist. Paul Ryan said he would do something and he basically gave the green light to do as little as possible.

With your help, we sent a quarter million faxes to Congress demanding that they go even further and vote to impeach Obama’s IRS Commissioner. The conservative House Freedom Caucus has announced that they have heard your plea and are doing just that!

A privileged resolution is a parliamentary maneuver allowing for Congressmen to have more leverage in forcing a vote. It is only used in exceptional circumstances. Under the House Rules, a privileged resolution requires that a vote be held 2 days after filing.

This is going to happen. An impeachment vote is happening and these brave Congressmen need your help to get this over the hump!

They wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. Help them finish this fight! FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to defy Paul Ryan and impeach Obama’s IRS Commissioner for perjury!

This isn’t some political fight. A government official lied to Congress. He declared that Lois Lerner’s hard drives and data were being protected even though he already knew they were incinerated and being recycled.

Here we have an IRS official (Lerner) who targeted Conservative organizations to prevent them from mobilizing against the President in an election year and instead of obeying the legal preservation order, the IRS started destroying the evidence. Then, the head of the IRS lied to Congress about it.

This is perjury and qualifies as “high crimes and misdemeanors,” giving Congress the authority to impeach him.

The Freedom Caucus is bringing this resolution to the floor today to force a vote.

Under the House rules, they can compel a vote within two days, but they are facing an uphill battle.

Paul Ryan has told the Freedom Caucus to stand down. He has refused to even entertain the idea of impeaching an Obama administration official. The Establishment is doing everything in its power to stop this and yet these Congressmen are moving forward anyway.

That’s what you have accomplished!

You helped to get us this far. I don’t believe that this would be happening had it not been for patriots like you getting loud and demanding it.

You raised your voice and convinced the few dozen Congressmen in the Freedom Caucus that holding this corrupt Obama administration accountable is worth doing.

Now it is time to take this fight across the finish line.

Conservative Congressmen are defying Paul Ryan and forcing a vote to impeach Obama’s criminal IRS Commissioner. They need your help! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress vote to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily