Yesterday, FBI agents stormed into Donald Trump's personal lawyer's office and took boxes and boxes of documents. Then, they proceeded to raid his home and temporary hotel room.

What does this have to do with Russia? Absolutely nothing.

Mueller isn't investigating Russia anymore. There was no collusion with the Trump campaign. But he wants to catch the President doing something. So what did he do? He got the FBI to raid Trump's personal lawyer's office.

This is absolute madness.

And what is the GOP doing? They are teaming up with Democrats to protect Mueller.

The first is the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act (S.1735) and is being sponsored by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Corey Booker (D-NJ). This would require that an unelected judge sign off on any attempt to fire Mueller. Then, the Special Counsel Integrity Act (S.1741), sponsored by Sens Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Chris Coons (D-DE), would expand on this by letting Mueller challenge his firing in court. 

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) warned that if Trump fires Mueller, there would be sever consequences. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned that firing Mueller would bring about the end of Trump's Presidency. RINO Jeff Flake said that firing Mueller would be an impeachable offense.

Democrats are seizing on the spineless GOP and demanding a vote on a bill to protect Mueller indefinitely. Their legislation would shield Mueller from ever being fired, allowing him to continue his witch hunt for as long as he wants!

Don't let these Dems and turncoat Republicans protect Robert Mueller's witch hunt! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress kill this establishment plot!

Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election. What he has done so far is ensnare Trump aides in perjury traps, indict Trump's former campaign manager for mortgage and tax crimes, and now initiated a raid on Trump's personal attorney's office.

The FBI apparently didn't have enough manpower to stop the Parkland Florida shooter, but they have enough manpower to raid Michael Cohen's office, home, and hotel room looking for evidence that he paid off Stormy Daniels.

When Hillary Clinton was "investigated," they allowed her to keep all of her hard drives and even destroy them. Michael Cohen was cooperating with investigators and freely surrendering documents and sitting for depositions and Mueller and the FBI chose to raid his office anyway.

Justice is supposed to be blind but now it is clear that Justice is dead.

The Department of Justice is openly defying Congressional subpoenas to try to cover up FBI bias. The Bureau also recently announced that it will take three years to fully release the texts between anti-Trump agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (the ones who plotted this whole 'insurance policy' against Trump). The Obama administration tried the same thing with Hillary's emails. It's 2018 and the State Department still hasn't released all of them...

Now, the Russia investigation has devolved into trying to get Trump on whatever they can.

Mueller needs to be shut down. But the GOPers in Congress are actually teaming up with the Democrats to ensure Mueller's witch hunt can go on forever!

Don't let these Dems and turncoat Republicans protect Robert Mueller's witch hunt! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress and DEMAND they kill this establishment plot!

Make no mistake, we are now in a Constitutional crisis. This has never been about Russia. This whole investigation has been a coordinated effort between Democrats and their allies to reverse the 2016 election.

They couldn't prove that Trump colluded with Russia because it never happened.

Then, they set out to try to prove Trump "obstructed justice," but the reality is it never happened, so Mueller's team was forced to admit Trump was not a criminal target.

They couldn't get Manafort to turn on Trump, so they charged him with obscure tax and mortgage crimes. They cooked the books to catch Michael Flynn in a perjury trap to get Trump, but that didn't work. Now, Mueller has Trump's own attorney Michael Cohen in the crosshairs, trying to put the pressure on him to make him flip.

This is out of control.

The RINOs love it. They never wanted Trump to win. That is why you see people like Jeff Flake giddy with excitement over the prospect of impeaching Trump.

Mueller needs to be shut down. For the first time in a while, there is a real movement in Congress to pull the rug out from under Mueller's witch hunt and the Establishments in both parties are rushing to keep this sham investigation going. Paul Ryan believes that Mueller is doing a good job. Mitch McConnell wants to let him continue this farce. And the entire Democratic Party and even some Republicans are rallying around these bills to protect Robert Mueller from being fired.

If either of these two bills pass, then Mueller will become the most powerful person in government without ever receiving a single vote. He will have the power to overrule the American electorate and derail everything we have spent years fighting for.

Don't let this happen!

 Stop this RINO surrender and stop the Mueller witch hunt! Please, use our FaxBlast system to instantly deliver messages demanding that Congress kill this plot to protect Robert Mueller from being fired!