Dear Conservative,

In a private meeting over the weekend, John Boehner (R-OH) admitted that Congress was powerless to ultimately stop the Obama administration’s deal with Iran.

He has accepted that there aren’t enough votes to override a Presidential veto of Congress’ resolution of disapproval.

The GOP wants you to believe that it is doing everything in its power to put a stop to this suicidal deal. But the fact of the matter is the Republicans are deliberately stacking the deck against themselves because they don’t want to win this fight.

Winning a battle like this requires legislators to go on record and spend political capital. That takes more effort than the GOP is willing to give. They would much rather pretend to fight and then grandstand when they lose.

Because, you see, the GOP is a party run by losers. That’s all they do. They don’t stand on principle. They don’t honor their oaths and campaign promises… they just lose.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act was supposed to be a way for Congress to intervene and stop this madness. It was supposed to be legislation that officially classified the deal as a treaty. But GOP leaders have watered it down to all but assure defeat!

No more surrender! Force Congress to accept Ted Cruz’s common sense amendment to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act!

So far, GOP leadership has prevented real tough amendments from being added to the legislation.

An amendment to force Iran to abandon sponsoring terrorist organizations was ultimately rejected.

Really? How could any US Congressman or Senator vote to allow Iran to continue sponsoring terror groups?

Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced another amendment that would force a majority vote for the deal to pass. As of right now, it only takes 34 Democrats in the Senate to approve the nuclear deal.

Why? Because instead of having Congress approve the deal, the GOP is pushing legislation to let Congress disapprove of the deal. That means that just 34 Senators need to agree with Obama in order to sustain the President’s veto.

This is what I mean. The GOP wrote this legislation. They told you that they were going to fight and uphold the Constitution when in the end, the entire thing is designed to fail. When it fails, they’ll come out and say they did everything they could, which is a complete lie.

The Constitution is clear. It takes 67 Senators to approve of any treaty. Under the GOP’s plan, as few as 34 Democrats would be enough to approve the nuclear deal. 

Ted Cruz’s amendment is absolutely crucial to making sure that Congress has a say. But right now, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP leadership are shooting these amendments down.

The amendment is simple: the Iran deal will be classified as a treaty and will require a 2/3 vote in the Senate for ratification. It doesn’t get any more common sense than that!

This is the political fight of the year and YOU have a role to play in this.

Will you allow the GOP to pretend to fight and then surrender when it gets tough? Or will you stand up and DEMAND that Congress uphold the Constitution and pass Ted Cruz’s common sense amendment.

Don’t let the GOP cave! Tell Congress it MUST accept Ted Cruz’s common sense amendment to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily