Fellow Conservative,

Barack Obama’s illegal alien amnesty executive order has gotten so out of control that Border Patrol agents are forced to release illegals they catch who are still dripping wet from their swim across the Rio Grande.

Let that sink in.

Their clothes haven’t even dried off yet and Obama has declared them to have the right to remain in the United States.

The law has always allowed for illegal immigrants to be deported immediately if they are caught in the act of crossing the border. This makes sense. If you catch one of these people climbing over the fence, it makes absolutely no sense to throw them into a justice system with more than a year’s worth of backlogs.

That would be amnesty because there is no way a border crosser would ever appear in court to be deported. So, Border Patrol has been working as hard as possible to apprehend illegals as fast as possible.

We all knew that Obama has ordered Border Patrol to stand down. Obama’s catch-and-release policy is wholly illegal and unconstitutional. 

Now, we’re seeing just how far this lawless President is willing to go. It doesn’t matter how quickly Border Patrol apprehends these illegals. Obama is granting them all amnesty!

Another American family destroyed! Don’t let Obama give amnesty to illegal alien criminals! Demand Congress defund his amnesty program NOW!

Last month, I told you about the illegal alien who drove drunk and killed Sarah Root a day after her college graduation. The Obama administration let the illegal alien killer go because his victim was still technically clinging to life when they reviewed the case.

Now, there’s another case that, believe it or not, is even more tragic.

Margarito Quintero is an illegal alien. He first came into the country ILLEGALLY in 2006. He was deported in 2008. Apparently he came back into the country because last week, he killed a Texas volunteer firefighter Captain Peter Hacking and his 4-year-old stepdaughter and 22-month-old son. The illegal alien was driving without a license and swerved into the other lane, hitting the family's car head-on.

Here we have an illegal alien who has no right to be here. He was deported and then allowed to come back in. Now a firefighter and his children are dead.

This is the result of Obama’s amnesty. Americans are dying. Every single week, a new story comes across our desk of how an illegal alien killed another American. That 22-month-old boy. Think about all the potential he had; what he could have added to this country or to humanity as a whole. His life was extinguished because Obama cares more about protecting illegals than protecting Americans.

It’s exhausting and I am sure it is equally exhausting to read these stories. But we can’t let these deaths blur together.

Every single time an illegal alien victimizes or kills an American – or anyone for that matter – is an absolute tragedy. And the fact that Congress has done nothing is shameful. Absolutely shameful.

For God’s sake, right now the Obama administration is arguing before the Supreme Court that the President has the authority to bestow Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.

Think that over for a second… These programs, which are on the verge of bankruptcy, are now being offered to illegal aliens who have absolutely no right to the benefits!

The President is luring these illegals across the border with promises of benefits and then when Border Patrol tries to send captured illegal aliens back, Obama orders them to be admitted into the United States.

What is Congress doing? Nothing.

Your elected officials think they can simply do nothing. The business interests that fund their campaigns want cheap labor, so the GOP does nothing. You must remind these spineless politicians that they work for YOU!

Don’t let Obama and the GOPe get away with it!

No more amnesty for illegal alien killers! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they put a stop to Obama’s lawless amnesty immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily