When I was 4 or 5 years old, a diaper delivery driver tried to lure me into his vehicle bribing me with candy. As I was entering his delivery truck a neighbor called out to me, I was saved, he sped away.
At 10, I was alone walking home from school on a dirt road and a driver creeped slowly behind me, I was able to escape by sprinting along a railroad track that ran perpendicular to the road. After I had ran far enough along the track, I turned around to see him outside his car. I ran as hard and fast as I could with miles of fields around me. I barely escaped.
At 13, I was assaulted by a stranger.
At 15, I was harassed by a semi nude stranger driving through a neighborhood while taking a walk.
Our children are in danger. Children across the border are in danger. Children in areas where natural or man made disasters, are in danger. More human beings are being trafficked today then all the years spaning the trans-atlantic slave trade combined. Labor is just one facet and is terrible in itself. Sex trafficking is horendous and child sex trafficking... child rape!  is just sickening and difficult to face. However, if we don't face it, we cannot stop it. If we don't stop it..... We deserve to burn.
When I was a kid, missing children were on milk cartons. We had a tv show whose host lost his child to kidnapping. Now, our kids are encouraged by beguliling strangers on the internet using your homes wifi or data plan to access your children and groom them into giving away images or video of themsleves that are sold on the blackmarket. This exposure makes your children vulnerable to becoming victims of kidnapping and trafficking. and crickets or worse, DENIAL!............................. WTF! What is going on? I know its hard to face, but we must! 
Volunteering here, I hope I can make it easy for people to use the tools provided by our laws to pester our representative to do the right thing. To fight teired justice, to demand border security, to end modern day slavery. To stop genocide. I hope to unite our voices and make demands together in a loud BOOM! We must exhaust ourselves in this fight using lawful and peaceful means and old school faxes seem to have the biggest impact.
This is my hill to die on, will you join me?
Sincerely Bee
Border security and its ties to the fentanyl crisis and modern-day slavery:
Drug trafficking and its consequences:
The porous southern border remains a hotbed for drug trafficking, welding devastating consequences for our society. The latest statistics state that Fentanyl accounted for 67,325 preventable deaths in 2021, representing a 26% increase over the 53,480 total in 2020. Alarming rates of addiction and overdose attributed to fentanyl laced recreational drugs.
Human trafficking violates the 13th Amendment:
Human trafficking, for labor, sexual exploitation, and organ harvesting, poses a moral obligation to fully secure the southern border and ensure the safety of the vulnerable. Let us examine the statistics that shed light on this issue:
Trafficking labor/Trafficking sex:
Adult sex trafficking/rape:
It is estimated that between 15,000 to 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery in the United States every year, and the total number varies wildly as it is very difficult to research. Further estimates are that between 300,000 and 400,000 women and children are currently in forced labor, sex or organ harvesting situations any given year, again these statistics are mysteriously difficult to research with accurate concise data.
Child sex trafficking/rape:
The trafficking of innocent children is a deeply distressing issue that demands immediate decisive action. Providing protection and support to the most vulnerable among us is our moral obligation. It is our duty to put a stop to the brutal rape and sexual exploitation of innocent children caught in the crosshairs of human traffickers, online and especially at the Southern Border. 
Illegal/Coerced Human Organ Harvesting: The organ trade, which includes illegal organ transplants income, with conservative annual estimates between USD $840 million to USD $1.7 billion and 12,000 illegal transplants. About 10% of all transplants are believed to be illegal transplants.
The critical issues of border security and its connection to modern-day slavery present a moral obligation to prevent various forms of human trafficking including child sex trafficking, coerced human organ harvesting, as well as the fentanyl epidemic. These crises are deeply intertwined and demand immediate action.