CALL TO ACTION! We Need Border Reform NOW! Pass The Secure The Border Act (H.R.2)!
Yesterday, we discussed how many House Republicans are rightfully pushing back on additional aid to Ukraine and Israel unless they see some major border reforms to the current policy. The primary reform being advocated for is called the Secure The Border Act, H.R. 2, which aims to do just that—secure the border and halt Biden's open border invasion policy. Congress needs to act now! The American people REFUSE to see any of our money appropriated overseas; instead, we must see our borders SECURED! Secure the border, pass and enact H.R. 2!
The border crisis continues to spiral out of control; it's clear that this invasion is intended to destabilize our nation and hinder our fight to take back our Republic.
Real citizens of the United States are seeing their lives seriously affected by the mass "migration," more aptly called the invasion. Fox recently reported a story about Frank Tammaro, a 94-year-old veteran who loved the senior center he'd called home for five years. However, he was kicked out and told to "find somewhere else to live." Tammaro moved in with his daughter and discovered that migrants were moving into his old residence, free of charge.
You heard that right. An American veteran was kicked out of his senior center home and forced to find living elsewhere so that migrants could move into his old residence, all without paying a single dime.
Fox also reported that an organizer of a migrant caravan of thousands of people traveling through Mexico toward the U.S. southern border claims that Latin American countries are "conspiring against the United States" to fuel the immigration crisis, adding that he believes the "Biden administration has dropped the ball." This affirms the idea that Biden is quite literally intending to destabilize our country! We need to stop his open border policy and close the damn border NOW!
To see our own citizens, to see a veteran who fought for our country, cast aside and neglected, while migrants flood into our country in droves, receiving shelter, food, and money for FREE, has to be the most backward, deplorable, and outright un-American thing I have ever heard of.
This is why Congress must act! Congress must hold its ground and demand the passage and enactment of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act; they must NOT pass ANY funding to foreign nations, and they must stand steadfast in ensuring that our border is CLOSED!
Stand up for the citizens of the United States! We the People should be Congress's priority! Congress, PASS the Secure the Border Act! Stand on the right side of history! Know your oath and defend our great nation!