Trump At The Southern Border! Congress, CLOSE The Border - Stop This Invasion!
As we have consistently observed, the government has made it evident that they will continue to allow a full-blown invasion to take place starting at our southern border. The southern border has facilitated the entry of millions of illegal aliens into the United States with total disregard for usual protocol. Congress MUST close the border and stop these unrelenting invasions!
This past weekend, President Trump visited Texas, a hotspot for the border invasion, to discuss the existential crisis of illegal immigration. He, along with Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, discussed the urgent necessity to close the border and begin deportations of illegal aliens.
Abbott stated, “I’m here to tell you that there is no way, no way that America can continue under the leadership of Joe Biden as our president” and “We need a president who’s going to secure the border. We need a president who’s going to restore law and order in the United States of America.”
Abbott is exactly right; we desperately need a President who is going to defend our country and secure our nation! And that starts with closing our southern border! In response to Abbott's statements, Trump assured him that when he is elected as president, he will make sure that Abbott will not have to worry about the border anymore, and that he is not going to have to worry about the border in Texas or Arizona or anywhere else.
This type of attitude that Trump has towards Abbott and his genuine concern towards the crisis, and the goal to resolve the issues at the border, is exactly what this nation needs! Congress needs to follow in his steps and advocate for and ACT to achieve a secure border!
Of course, we cannot wait until Trump is re-elected to begin solving the issues at the border; we must begin securing the border NOW, especially considering how many military-aged men have crossed into our country undocumented! Since Biden assumed office, over 7 million illegal immigrants have crossed the US southern border, many of whom have been reported as military-aged men… this must stop NOW before it's too late!
We know the border invasion carries many consequences. To summarize, an open border has enabled human trafficking, mainly women and children, to be easily enslaved and transported into the United States; over 85,000 unaccompanied minors, under the age of 12, are unaccounted for.
Our open border has enabled practically anyone to get into our country without the proper documentation; ICE has ADMITTED that they often lack the proper documentation from immigrants, are unable to verify addresses, and are unable to track individuals who have come through.
Who KNOWS who is coming into our country?
And on top of all that, many illegal immigrants are being granted hotels, reloadable credit cards issued by the government, resources that not even the average struggling American CITIZEN can easily access.
In addition, in light of the ongoing war in Israel against HAMAS, our own FBI has raised concerns that HAMAS terrorists could use the border to cross into the United States, and therefore, receive resources from our Government. This MUST end!
In times of war, whether the United States is involved or not, we must secure OUR nation, we must CLOSE our border, we must fund OUR security and resources, we must support OUR people – not illegal immigrants, not infiltrators, not war! Congress, CLOSE the border NOW!
Just like Trump said this past weekend, WE NEED TO CLOSE THE BORDER! We need to pass laws federally so the burden of securing an entire nation does not fall onto the shoulders of individuals like Governor Abbott! Congress must vote to close the border, stop cutting away the barbed wire fencing, stop aiding illegal aliens into our country, and giving them luxuries our own fellow Americans can’t easily receive! Stop the invasion!
Congress must close, secure, and reinstate the strong processes that ensured immigrants coming into the United States have good intentions, are free of criminal charges, and could help build this country to greatness! Close the damn border! The United States is a country of great promise, safety, and God-given rights! Let's keep it that way!