The Border Crisis Continues
Young people are targeted through advertisements in Mexico and South America promising work in the United States, encouraging them to take the precarious route through cartel infested lands, where primarily women and children are trafficked both for labor and the sex trade. Once they arrive they are often placed with un-vetted, unrelated individuals who end up enslaving these women and children forcing them into the black market for labor and the sex trades here in the United States forcing these children to “work off their debt” to the cartel. Approximately 85,000 unaccompanied minors are not accounted for at this time.
 Children are the primary targets of these evil predators, and many are repeatedly raped along their journey. Mass graves have been dug and are being filled with the corpses of unidentified children who did not quite make the journey to safety. This atrocity shakes many Americans who have gained this awareness to their core.
The flood of deadly fentanyl and other drugs are known to flow through the weak and unattended areas of the southern border.
Many atrocious crimes are being committed within the United States by known cartel and MS13 gang members who have entered this country between the ports, including rape, murder and dismemberment of their victims. 
There is also a growing concern of military aged men from adversarial nations like China and the Middle East crossing through the southern border and many fears this is an invasion as it is impossible to tell how many have crossed, who they really are and what their intentions are without entering through the ports where they can be vetted and even turned away if found to be a convicted criminal or a repeat offender.
Reports ranging from 2.7 million to 5.5 million illegal entries into the United States since Joe Biden was “elected” as it is impossible to say how many people have truly illegally entered into the United States the numbers referenced above are only an approximation and are likely much higher than reported.