You Can’t Celebrate the 4th…
Dear Patriot,
The festivities of the 4th of July are solely reserved to those that understand the meaning of freedom, liberty and the United States Constitution. Please kindly stop reading if you are bothered by the 1st or 2nd Amendments, or any of them really!
The Founding Fathers would look at the cesspool that is Washington, DC with disgust. Patriots of the past were so incensed by a tax on tea they revolted against their European counterparts..
Americans of today sit idly as the Constitution is defiled. Our freedoms are shredded daily as Americans quietly accept the mandates of tyrants. The people that have made their fortunes destroying our country want to enslave you as they lead our country towards a Globalist New World Order. Our modern shortfalls are only temporary. People are rapidly awakening to the reality we are faced with. 
Is it any wonder that those in power wish to strip us of our rights? We are fast approaching election day, and in these last four years, we have watched our rights erode further and further. The j6 prisoners still languish in the DC Gulag, conservative voices are being imprisoned, billions are being sent overseas. A collapsing economy, surging crime, food shortages, and an engineered energy crisis are all the result of a strategic takeover by the Liberal World Order. America will never be the Communist country they so badly want.
Americans will unite nationwide to flush out the tyrants with a new generation of men and women that will uphold the Constitution. We the People must return our country to its glory days. America is the last bastion of hope for every human on Earth.