Happy New Year! 2024 Will Be the Year of Action – Congress ACT!
Happy New Year to our amazing Conservative Daily Readers! This year we have sent numerous faxes and call to actions to our Congressional members demanding that they act on the crises plaguing our nation. Through our calls we have seen some steps towards making our country great. Now we are on the horizon of a brand New Year. 2024 is the year of action, it will be the final year of Joe Biden’s faux presidency, and the year of taking our great nation back. United, we the people will be able to reclaim our great nation from the claws of tyranny. 
The American people must not be the only individuals who are acting in 2024, we must also demand that our Congressional members ACT! We pay their salary, they must work, or this luxury will be taken away! 
Happy New Year everyone, God Bless you all, we here at Conservative Daily are excited to stand alongside you, our fellow Americans and take back this great nation. 
  1. Ban the Voting machines
  2. Ban Mail-in Ballots
  3. Demand for hand-counted paper ballots at the precinct level  
  4. CLOSE the Southern border
  5. Arrest & Deport ALL illegal immigrants who have come through our border 
  6. Balance the budget & get control of the national debt 
  7. AUDIT the Federal Reserve 
  8. AUDIT the Pentagon/DOD
  9. Leave/STOP Supporting Ukraines war
  10. Stop sending money overseas period!
  11. Investigate ALL of Jeffery Epstein's clients and bring them to justice!
  12. Stop the political persecution of Donald Trump
  13. Investigate the CIA & FBI media censorship/propaganda machine
  14. LEAVE the UN and the WHO
  15. Investigate the COVID-19 shots
  16. Investigate the IRS
  17. Get control of inflation (Bidenomics is NOT working)
  18. Lower gas prices
  19. ARREST Fauci for perjury 
  20. FREE the January 6th prisoners 
  21. FREE Julian Assange 
  22. Demand your fellow colleague uphold their oath and are held accountable 
  23. Defend the Constitution of the United States of America 
  24. Make America GREAT AGAIN!!!!
  25. 2024 is the year of ACTION!