Merry Christmas Everyone! Our Most Important Message to Congress! Reminding Them of The Word of God!
As you know, today is Christmas, the day that followers of Jesus Christ celebrate His birth to a virgin mother over 2,000 years ago. The Christian faith remains, all these years later, arguably stronger than at any other time in modernity, for one simple reason: It's the Truth.
This year has seen its ups and downs; we have experienced massive victories and significant losses, and God has guided us through all of them. As we enter 2024, we know that God will once again be by our side every step of the way, a fact that, this Christmas, Congress, believers and nonbelievers alike, should be reminded of.
So, to Congress, this Christmas, you, like many of us patriots, will be spending time with your family and friends, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, after these festivities, the work is not done. With God by our side, we expect to see the January 6 protesters freed, reunited with their families, the complete banning of electronic voting machines, a complete halt to any further plandemic, the United States removing itself from needless wars, the United States removing itself from WHO & the UN, a CLOSED border, and efforts to Make America Great Again. To finish, let's remind Congress of some impactful and relevant passages from the Holy Bible! Remember your oath; stand on the right side of history!