Dear Conservative,

We all know that Barack Obama is a hypocrite. All the Democrats are hypocrites.

Obama has spent the past year doing everything he can to disarm US. Meanwhile, he and the otherwise peacenik Democrats have been pushing to arm terrorists who are fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

The irony is that while we apparently can’t be trusted with a semi-automatic rifle, the Obama administration completely trusts Islamic extremists with machine guns and heavy weapons!

Anyone with half a brain knows that it is a horrible idea to start giving weaponry to radical Islamists.

We gave weapons to Osama Bin Laden, and look how that turned out for us…

We allegedly secretly trained and armed ISIS last year, the very Islamists who are now taking over Iraq.

This is called blowback, where governments’ lack the foresight and inability to understand the potential consequences of their foreign policies end up coming back to bite them!

In most cases, this means arming an extremist group that eventually turns the weapons we supplied them against us!

Now, Barack Obama is pushing to spend $500 million of OUR money to arm and train terrorists in Syria!

Tell Congress is must STOP Barack H. Obama from giving terrorist groups $500 million of weapons!

This year, the Federal government’s deficit will be over half trillion dollars ($500,000,000,000). It has gotten to the point where our national debt is more than the United States’ GDP, which means that even if the government took every dollar that Americans made, there still wouldn’t be enough money to eliminate the debt.

How about we take that money and build a fence along the border?

How about we spend that money to give some of our military men and women the medical care that they deserve?

Or we could give the money back to the taxpayers where it belongs!

Honestly? We can spend it on anything…  EXCEPT arming our country’s enemies!

But the greatest slap in the face is that while Obama is asking for half a BILLION dollars to arm terrorists, he wants TWICE as much to try to disarm you!

That’s right, in his 2015 budget, Barack Obama wants Congress to give the administration $1.1 Billion to fund new gun control initiatives!

This is how absolutely BACKWARDS the Obama administration is! They are trying to take our guns and then give even more powerful guns to terrorists that hate our country!

The very Democrats that fought so hard to ban AR-15s and so-called “high capacity” magazines are also the ones who have given Obama the green light to arm these Islamist rebels!

When is this lunacy going to end? When are the American people going to stand up and DEMAND that the government respect the rights of We the People over the rights of Islamist rebels?

We cannot afford to spend half a billion dollars to arm and train terrorists who will one day use those weapons and skills against US! And we cannot afford having the Obama administration spend TWICE as much money trying to disarm Americans!

If you are a law abiding gun owner, you don’t need anyone to convince you that the United States of America is safer with a gun in your hand than it is when al-Qaeda is armed and trained! That should be commonsense for everyone!

But, apparently, this common sense escapes your Representatives and Senators! We cannot allow these idiots in Congress to support the President’s efforts to arm our enemies and disarm us!

Tell Congress is must STOP Barack H. Obama from giving terrorist groups $500 million of weapons!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily