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Over the weekend, we got word that US and Iranian negotiators had come to terms on a framework to lift Iranian sanctions.

If the Obama administration was committed to actually disarming the Iranian regime, this would be celebrated news. But here are Iran’s demands:

Iran wants to lift the arms embargo so it can build up its military, lift the sanctions on its ballistic missile program so it can develop the technology to deliver nuclear warheads, and they demand that the US lift financial sanctions so they can continue financing terrorists around the globe.

On top of this, the Iranians are demanding that military facilities be off-limits to nuclear inspectors.

So let’s get this straight… They want the ability to hide their nuclear program, build up their military to use their nukes, and pay terrorists to potentially deploy them.

The news coming out of Vienna is that the US has agreed to a framework to lift the Iranian sanctions. Wow…

This is what we mean when we say that this is a ‘bad deal.’ Tomorrow is the new deadline for a deal and the administration is moving full steam ahead to get the deal done. Under the law, Congress has the complete authority to vote down a deal.

We need to start whipping up the votes now so we can shoot this suicidal deal down as soon as it is signed!

Don’t let Obama lift the sanctions against Iran! Demand that Congress vote down this suicidal nuclear treaty!

It’s not just Republicans who are against paving the way to a nuclear Iran. There are at least 14 Democrat Senators who are opposed to what the Obama administration is doing.

If every Republican votes against the Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, and these 14 Democrats vote “no” as well, that would put us at 68 votes. That is a filibuster proof majority.

Under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, Congress has the power to disapprove of any Iran nuclear deal. However, the President can still veto a Resolution of Disapproval.

This is why every single vote matters. Nothing is assured. If even one Republican votes in favor of the deal, then Obama gets his way. If one of the 14 Democrats gets cold feet about opposing the President, then Obama gets his way.

We placed an arms embargo against Iran for a reason… we sanctioned their ballistic missile program for a reason…

Even if Iran did develop a nuclear weapon, these sanctions and embargos would make it a lot harder to deploy the weapons.

Keeping these sanctions should be non-negotiable. Whatever deal we get is irrelevant if we open up the floodgates and allow Iran to start rebuilding its military and missile programs. The fact that the administration agreed to lift sanctions is even more evidence that Iran is taking Obama to the cleaners.

A final deal is imminent. Obama is going to sign it and then dare Congress to vote him down.

It’s time for you to take him up on that bet!

Obama is prepared to lift the sanctions against Iran. Click to force Congress to vote against this dangerous treaty!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily