The Immigration Bill that the Senate Judiciary Committee passed last Wednesday by a 13-5 vote is horrible!  The supposed “Gang of 8” propelled this bill where many legislators passed this “Immigration reform.”  Immigration reform it is NOT!  It is outright blanket amnesty for MILLIONS of Americans, taking jobs away from “legal” Americans!

In reality this bill is much WORSE than amnesty.  There is NO reform at all. 

A real amnesty is worth lawmakers’ time.  Offering rewards for breaking the law is not.  This bill must be TOTALLY REJECTED!!

United States Senators are in the midst of going back home for the Memorial Day recess.  Most Senators and Congressmen will not be back in their offices in Washington until Monday, June 3rd.  That is why I am emailing you today!

This recess provides a critical opportunity for you to get in touch with your Congressmen and let them know what you think of Senate Bill 744 (and its House counterpart H.R. 490)!!  You must fax them today!


This AMNESTY BILL promulgated by the “Gang of 8” is nothing near immigration reform!  It resembles amnesty first; then enforcement possibly later that will cause many illegals to become citizens.

What about those who applied for legal citizenship?  Apparently, they don’t matter. 

It makes no difference if illegals take longer to get their citizenship than those who come here legally.  What matters is not that illegals are treated somewhat worse than legal immigrants, but that they are treated much better than those who have resisted the temptation to cross the border illegally.

The message that the “Gang of 8” are sending to them is that their restraint was a bad mistake; they should have broken the law and then we would have rewarded them for doing so!

The first priority needs to be the sealing of our borders.

These bills are not really addressing that important issue with real teeth!

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We must send a definitive message to Congress to defeat both S. 744 and H.R. 490 when it comes to a full vote on the Senate floor in a couple of weeks.

This past Wednesday, a coalition of over 150 conservative leaders signed an open letter opposing this legislation. 

This “Gang of 8” legislation would devastatingly INCREASE the numbers of immigrants that the jobless percentage would go up and the Democratic votes would drastically go up!

Of course the entire bill is an attack on unemployed American workers.  AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called the changes “unambiguous attacks on American workers.”

Please let your patriotic message be known, by faxing Congress to vote NO on S. 744 and H.R. 490 today!!

Fax Congress NOW!


Tony Adkins