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President Barack Obama’s televised speech to the nation on Tuesday night seemed to be anti-climactic!  Sure, he kept on his agenda by pleading for support for his proposed strike at Syria’s chemical arsenal.  He even gave evidences that Syrian President used chemical weapons against his own people.  He claimed: “We know the Assad regime was responsible!”


His nationwide address had already taken a back-seat to what is really happening “on the ground.”

On Monday, Russia announced that it had given a proposition to Syria to give up their chemical arsenal to international inspections.  On Tuesday, Syria agreed.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had already proclaimed that Syrian military strikes could be averted if President Assad would hand over his chemical arsenal for international inspection, not really thinking that Assad would do this.

kerryBut was all this already “pre-planned?”

Had President Obama already mentioned this to Russian President Vladimir Putin while at the G20 summit a few days ago?

No matter what the circumstances, you must fax Congress today to make sure they vote against any military strike against Syria!

In reality, Putin helped President Obama to “save face” since his Syrian strike was overwhelmingly unpopular with the American public, the House of Representatives, and possibly the United States Senate.  It would have been a major blow to the Obama presidency.

But leave it to our “ally” Russia to “save the day” for Barack Obama!

Russia initiated a “peace initiative” where Syria would turn over their chemical weapons to an international entity.  However, Obama is “looking” at the specifics and details of this plan while still moving ahead with plans for a military strike!  Despite a supposed “diplomatic pause,” Obama stressed: “Our military will remain in a position to immediately respond; if diplomacy fails.”  However, most Americans do not want a military strike!

President Obama stressed that “a limited strike will make Assad think twice!”  Limited?  That kind of language does not appear to be “diplomatic.” 

In the middle of his nearly 16-minute “saber-rattling” speech, Barack Obama agreed with the logic that “We are not the world’s police force.”


It seems that President Barack Obama is trusting in the words of former President Ronald Reagan:  “TRUST, BUT VERIFY!”

Some say this is merely a stall tactic by the Syrian regime.

But most believe it is a serious advance towards a peaceful solution.

Senate leader Harry Reid (R-NV) has called off the Senate vote on a Syrian strike.  Reid said, “I want to make sure the president (makes) his case to the Senate and the American people before voting on this matter.”  Obama met behind closed doors with United States’ senators on Tuesday.

Syria has apparently agreed to place Syrian chemical arsenals under international control, and then destroy them in order to avert a United States’ military strike.  No time frames were announced. 

President Obama, whose leadership was severely put into question during this entire Syrian debacle, has not only been “saved” by Russian President Putin, but Obama has taken it one step further when he says that Syria backed down because of the military might that was presented by the president!


Most believe that throughout the day on Monday, the Russian proposal came as a result of John Kerry’s off-the-cuff comment (or “gaffe,” as suggested by some!) hours earlier.  In answering a question, he suggested that the only way that Assad could avoid a U.S. military strike was to give up all of his chemical weapons. 


A cataclysmic confrontation was averted!

However, to those of us who have researched this Syrian crisis, we are wondering if this was the plan from the very beginning?

Maybe Obama quickly mentioned it to Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit a few days ago?  Actually, President Obama admitted to PBS “News Hour” that he and Putin did speak about it last week while in St. Petersburg during the G20 economic summit.  He also referenced the brief meeting with President Putin in his Tuesday night speech.

Regardless of the terms of the international agreements, you must fax Congress today to make sure they vote against any military strike against Syria!

Syria has ACCEPTED the deal to turn over chemical weapons to avoid a U.S. air strike.

As a direct result of this peace deal, this diplomatic solution truly helps Russia’s international standing, while Obama was still trying to recover from a “near-miss” of a congressional setback.  However, Obama’s political clout possibly remains intact now that he can avert a defeat by his own Congress.  Going to war has never been rejected by any Congressional vote.

Instead of spending millions of dollars to continue to prove to the world that the United States is superior, militarily, Obama can receive a congressional “pat-on-the-back” for helping to come up with a diplomatic solution.  What a turnaround just in the last few hours.

The United Nations will take another week or so to come up with their own final research analysis and final report of the use of chemical weapons. 

However, it appears that a military strike has been averted, for now.

President Obama has “saved face” with parts of the American public who overwhelmingly was against a military strike into the “strategic” country of Syria where there is absolutely NO “American interests.”  However, President Obama refuted that fact by saying: “It is in the national security interests of the United States to deter the use of chemical weapons in Syria.”

President Obama has agreed to delay military action on Syria.  He says he is willing to wait weeks (NOT months!) as Congress debates taking military action against the country of Syria.  He also understands that he has NOT been persuasive enough to the American public.  (Weeks of debate on the Syrian strike will take away from the in-our-face debt ceiling deadline!)

Earlier in the day, President Obama stated: “I am going to make sure that this does not change the calendar of debate in Congress, but there was no exception that Congress would be finished with its deliberations over the next week or so.”

On Monday, President Obama gave SIX television interviews to make sure his case against Syria was told.

Regardless of the terms of the international agreements, you must fax Congress today to make sure they vote against any military strike against Syria!

Some skeptics feel that this is a “stall” technique by the Syrian government.  However, on NBC News, Obama admitted it “could potentially be a significant breakthrough.  But we have to be skeptical because this is not how we’ve seen them operate over the last couple of years.”

He did admit that if Syria really did give up their chemical weapons, it would “absolutely” put any U.S. military strike on pause.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Kerry comments appeared to be “rhetorical and hypothetical” comment, according to the State Department.

Apparently, the “diplomatic track” is wide open! Negotiations are open to find a “Plan B” instead of a military strike against Syria.

President Obama told FOX News: “We will pursue this diplomatic track.  I fervently hope that this can be resolved in a non-military way.  I think it is important for us not to let the pedal off the medal when it comes to making sure they understand we mean what we say.”

Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), who oppose the Obama administration’s military option, put together a resolution giving Syria 45 days to abide by the international laws banning the use of chemical weapons and take “concrete steps” to comply. Heitkamp released a written statement noting that this would give Assad the opportunity to “begin the process of turning over its chemical weapons.” 

“If, after 45 days, the Assad regime mistakes our deliberate and careful democratic process for lack of will and immunity, it does so at its own peril,” she added.

Once Putin led the way, it was almost a no-brainer that the Democratically-controlled Senate, faced with a choice of supporting the president (and alienating a substantial majority of the American public in the process) or voting against the use of force and turning Obama into a de facto lame duck with three years left in his term, would likely welcome a “diplomatic alternative.”

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In a CBS interview with Charlie Rose a couple of days ago, Syrian President Assad absolutely claims that he was NOT responsible for any chemical weapons attack!

Now, in a revealing development that not too many mainstream media has paid attention to; one of the top Catholic females in Syria, Mother Superior Agnes Mariam el-Salib, Mother Superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, says she is submitting her findings to the United Nations!  Her claim:  Footage of chemical attack in Syria is a fraud!

Mother Superior Agnes claims: “I have carefully studied the footage, and I will present a written analysis on it a bit later.  I maintain that the whole affair (of chemical weapons by the Assad regime) was a frame-up.  It had been staged and prepared in advance with the goal of framing the Syrian government as the perpetrator.”

On Tuesday evening, the President’s appeal for support for a Syrian strike fell mainly on deaf ears.  It seemed anti-climactic, given all the information about the Russian-initiated deal with Syria to submit all their chemical weapons to an international body; and Obama agreeing with it, if it was the “real deal.”

In the meantime, Congress seemingly is in a quandary.  “What if?” is their question.

Please fax Congress today to make sure they vote against any military strike against Syria!


Joe Otto