Dear Conservative American Citizen,

You have just been “left in the dust” by the Republican leadership in Congress.

THEY KNOW Obamacare is a terrible piece of legislation, and THEY KNOW it is going to harm America in many ways. So naturally, they don’t want any part of it.

Luckily for them, Obama agrees. He and Congress have just EXEMPTED themselves from crushing Obamacare premiums by arranging for federal subsidies. These subsidies will pay about 75 percent of their healthcare costs.

But you and I don’t have that advantage. We don’t get that break. And the cowards who made the deal are scurrying out of Washington for August recess, hoping we don’t encounter them under the rocks where they surely will be hiding.

Almost on the same day this “deal” was reached, we saw headlines announcing that premiums in Ohio and Florida were going to skyrocket. And you can expect to see many, many more headlines like this in the days to come.

We are less than 60 days away from Obamacare exchanges opening. Not only is the government unprepared to handle all of our private, sensitive information, but Members of Congress and their staffers are getting a break at YOUR EXPENSE from the very law they insisted we needed.

They told us it was great, it was awesome; it was the right thing to do! …but it’s just not good enough for them.

And even more appalling is that in order to “compromise” on this deal, it’s reported the Republican leadership shook hands behind closed doors with the Democrats and made a deal that they WON’T USE OBAMACARE AS AN ISSUE IN THE 2014 ELECTIONS.


This is unconscionable, this is wrong, and this must be fixed immediately. Fax Congress right now and tell them you disapprove of their special backroom deals on Obamacare and ask them why YOU are being forced to live with this disastrous law. Call them out on their hypocrisy! Tell them to STOP OBAMACARE in its tracks!

Obamacare is great, if you listen to the Democrats (and now even some Republicans agree). So why is Obama granting waivers for his friends? Why did he delay the business mandate? Why is he granting favors to Congress?


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At this moment we have identified TWO ALLIES who are keeping up the fight against Obamacare. Senator Mike Lee is fighting to defund Obamacare through the continuing resolution, and Senator David Vitter is livid that Congress and their staffers are going to get special treatment.

Senator Vitter sent a scathing letter to President Obama and the Congressional leadership that reads in part:

I write in strong opposition to the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) recent action to “fix” Obamacare for Members of Congress and their staffs without doing the same for the American people. I urge you to undo this action legislatively as soon as we return to session in September so that Congress stands with the American people and doesn’t treat itself like a higher, select ruling class.

…no ordinary American at that income level buying on the Exchange would receive any government subsidy. This bailout simply has been pulled out of thin air under intense and, sadly, bipartisan political pressure.

These recent maneuverings inside the beltway are precisely why the American people rightly despise Congress. OPM’s “solution,” demanded by leading Members of Congress and crafted behind closed doors, is being viewed as an act of self-dealing special treatment – and rightly so. Those with proximity to power have found a way to…defray the cost of their new coverage, all while leaving their constituents in the dust.

Until Obamacare is fully repealed, those elected by the public should abide by the same laws Americans are being forced to live with.

Tell Congress they better start listening, or they will be out of a job. DEMAND the de-funding and repeal of Obamacare. Send them thousands and thousands of faxes until they get the message that we will no longer be distracted and we expect Obamacare to die!

fixstupidPoor…needy…dying to get in to see a doctor: welcome to your future, America. Doctors and hospitals are closing their doors … workers are being dropped to part-time hours, or let go altogether … employers are ending coverage … unions hate it and are fighting back against the very law they pushed for … Democrats who championed it admit they don’t know how in the world they are going to manage it … the scandal-ridden IRS is smack dab in the middle of enforcing it … premiums are going up … on and on it goes.

When people held up signs that said, “Now my doctor’s office is going to be like the DMV,” it wasn’t a joke. There WILL be longer waiting lines and there WILL be lower quality of care, because doctors and hospitals are closing their practices or retiring in order to get away from Obamacare! And THEY will decide whether or not you or your family member is WORTHY of treatment.

Obama wants to keep this terrible legislation alive and well, and you must ask yourself: WHY? Why does he want to make average Americans suffer while handing out waivers and special favors for his friends? And why are the Republicans going along with it?

Why has the government decided YOU DO NOT MATTER?

If you do not Fax Congress right now, American society as you know it will come to an END!  SPEAK UP LOUDLY AND CLEARLY RIGHT NOW AND DEMAND CONGRESS DE-FUND AND ULTIMATELY REPEAL OBAMACARE!

Don’t forget this other gem: THIS IS END OF MEDICAL PRIVACY. Whatever you see a doctor for will be stored for eternity in a giant government database accessible to anyone who asks for it.


The government cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information from hackers, but think about the rampant abuse that will take place as government agencies line up to get their hands on your data! I don’t know which threat I am more worried about.

Every Member of Congress who you thought would fight to get rid of Obamacare is now riding the gravy train right up front next to Obama and the Democrats.

If this doesn’t make your blood boil and push you to take action, then frankly, I’m sorry to say it, YOU DESERVE OBAMACARE AND ALL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING IT WILL BRING UPON AMERICA.

On October 1st Americans will be putting their identity in jeopardy in the Obamacare database UNLESS CONGRESS DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW, WHILE THEY STILL CAN. I’m not willing to let Congress off the hook. They can’t continue to tell us they want Obamacare gone and then act as though there is nothing they can do about it. All they have to do is grow a spine and refuse to fund it. That’s all.

And they have to stop throwing the American people under the bus. Frankly, every single one of them should find themselves out of a job the first chance we get.

Many in Congress are listening…put pressure on them to stand up for their principles and get rid of this terrible legislation!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily