Support Matt Gaetz – Demand for the Immediate Removal of Speaker Kevin McCarthy!
This Monday, Republican representative Matt Gaetz from Florida has filed a motion to vacate Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. Seeing how McCarthy has handled the House, the looming government shutdown, and his resistance to much-needed legislation that would help to control the United States deficit via cutting spending bills, he should be ousted from office. McCarthy should be working on behalf of the American people, upholding his oath to the constitution – his negligence to these two very important subjects, SHOULD result in his removal from office!
The reasoning for Gaetz calling to remove McCarthy from office is primarily because McCarthy has often relied on Democrat votes for passages of bills, and because he brokered a last-minute deal with the Democrats to ensure the passage of a temporary spending bill to avert a government shutdown. These deals have included additional aid to Ukraine, and if history repeats itself, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that any future spending deals will include aid to Ukraine. 
Why is this of concern? Well, presently the United States has racked up an annual deficit of nearly 2 trillion dollars, which contributes to the rising inflation we are experiencing in our economy today. Inflation leads to destabilization, and destabilization leads to chaos. 
Instead of calling for the House to reduce spending, and move towards balancing the budget, which means that the revenue and spending of the government is equal, McCarthy has continued to allow Democrat spending bills to pass in the name of stopping a government shutdown. We need a Representative that will demand for a balanced budget, not allow Democrats to frivolously spend, which is why McCarthy has got to GO!
Gaetz summarizes this simply, "You talk about chaos as if it's me forcing a few votes and filing a few motions. Real chaos is when the American people have to go through the austerity that is coming if we continue to have $2 trillion annual deficits."
It would take a simple majority of the House to remove the Speaker in a floor vote - 218 votes, when no seats are vacant and Republicans control the chamber by a narrow 221-212 majority. 
Presently, Democrats are unhappy with Mr. McCarthy after he recently approved the launch of a congressional inquiry to see if there is enough evidence to impeach President Joe Biden.
Now to the House – your unwillingness to balance the budget, control the deficit, and attack inflation, shows that you do not care for the American people. Time and time again we demand that frivolous spending, like aid to Ukraine, is halted and instead issues at home are focused on. McCarthy has failed to represent the people and advocate for our better interest, namely our economies' better interest, he has continued to work with the Democrats and strike deals that will only increase our deficit, destabilizing our nation. For this reason, McCarthy must be ousted from office! Support Gaetz, control the deficit, and oust McCarthy from his position as Speaker of the House!