Dear Hard-working American,

American consumers and businesses are suffering under the heavy hand of the Obama administration and his assault on the American economy. He has done everything EXCEPT focus on the economy since he took office. Obama is acting as a dictator, and we face many threats from his large government takeovers. The Environmental Protection Agency is a very large extension of his heavy-handed rule.

This rogue agency hands down decrees based on the climate change lie that harms our economy and innovation. On top of that, it is unbalanced by any other branch of government. We just have to take what they give us, unlegislated and without recourse.

While you are distracted by Obama’s daily scandals and Congressional infighting, the Environmental Protection Agency is working quietly behind the scenes to impose huge taxes, regulations and changes onto the American people based on a phony climate change agenda.

The Democrats are telling us we are in a CRISIS, PEOPLE…and we must ACT QUICKLY in order to SAVE the WORLD!

Fax Congress and stop the EPA’s assault on the American economy!

The fact is, climate change IS man-made…it is a man-made LIE. Obama loves a good crisis and he is going to use climate change as the impetus to redistribute wealth and promote his socialist agenda. He actually had the arrogance last week to laugh at those who claim his over-regulation is killing America. He is just doing what is best for us, after all. In truth, his war on coal and wealth will unfairly influence the energy market while he lines the pockets of his “environmental-Nazi” friends. Funny how he can deny the rest of us success while making sure his buddies are properly compensated!

Apparently only American energy is bad. He went to Africa and pledged $7 billion to electrify their mud huts, but he’s ready to ration our energy and put the coal industry out of business. Why would he do that? Social Justice and world reparation.

And since Obama knows what is best for us, he doesn’t need our ridiculous system of government in order to get anything done…he will just bypass Congress and use his federal agencies. In July he let us know once again,

"So where I can act on my own, I'm going to act on my own. I won't wait for Congress."

No, let’s not wait for the legislative body our Founding Fathers put into place. Let’s not consult with the American people. Let’s just dutifully listen to Our Dear Leader Barack Obama, and he and his Environmental Protection Agency—armed with data from Al Gore and the United Nations—will shovel a host of regulations down our throats and further weaken our economy. If you don’t comply, there are a host of other agencies he can use to persecute and prosecute you.

Nevermind that four brave Americans died in Benghazi on his watch, nevermind that the IRS is STILL going after conservative groups and veteran organizations, nevermind that the entire country is slowly being dragged into turmoil because of his healthcare overhaul. Nevermind all that. CLIMATE CHANGE is the big idea for this year.

The EPA, of course, is as corrupt as they come. Former head Lisa Jackson used a fake email address so she could conduct business on the sly, without the public being able to request information under the FOIA (not that the administration is complying with these requests, anyway…it is the LEAST transparent administration in history).

Now, new chief McCarthy is acting in a similar manner and is actually facing a lawsuit by the Competitive Enterprise Institute over text messages she sent as an “alternative” to work-related communications. Obama and his people like to work in the shadows so you will have no information, no recourse and no opportunity to push for press coverage.

Obama’s appointees at the EPA are dodging the truth, furiously working to overhaul our entire culture based on sketchy climate change lies. Congress needs to get on top of this situation, or what do we even need them for?

A new world order is coming and Obama is using the EPA to accomplish this. Fax Congress now and get them on this!

The EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standards need to be repealed. The RFS mandate requires that certain amounts of ethanol be blended with gasoline every year—but our fuel demand is decreasing as ethanol requirements are increasing. That leaves us with biofuel blends that will be so excessive they will damage our engines and void our warranties. The EPA knows this.

They are warning owners of older or specialized vehicles that the fuels could cause serious injury or DEATH! The automobile industry is warning us that our warranties will be voided because our vehicles can’t handle the new blend. Knowing how bad E15 is for our engines, the EPA has implemented a rule that will require you to purchase AT LEAST FOUR GALLONS every time you go to a station that sells E15 and uses blender pumps, which is designed to encourage you not to buy small quantities of E10 that could be contaminated with E15. Since the government got away with Obamacare and going around our Constitution, I guess they are forever in the business of requiring us to purchase pretty much whatever they want.

The price at the pump has gone up dramatically, and high corn prices have hurt wheat and soy prices, and also farmers—all while we divert more than HALF of our land to grow corn into products OTHER THAN FOOD. It hurts everything else because we get fewer miles to the gallon while prices go up in every single industry, especially those associated with food and high transportation costs.

The initial reason for the RFS was to provide an environmentally better alternative to gasoline. However, the Natural Resources Defense Council said three years ago that “What the ethanol industry is actually producing today is causing more climate pollution than gasoline.” Only between 5 and 26 percent of the energy content of ethanol is renewable!

That is why it is IRONIC that ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS are opposing the RFS, arguing that greenhouse gas emissions from ethanol production outweigh any benefits we could get from burning less gasoline! The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development concluded that, “The overall environmental impacts of ethanol and biodiesel can very easily exceed those of petrol and mineral diesel.”

In another ridiculous twist, the RFS demands that manufacturers use cellulosic fuels that are not even possible outside a laboratory yet … but if they don’t use these cellulosic fuels which are unavailable, they will be fined by the EPA! In 2011, the EPA issued a $6.8 million penalty on refiners because they failed to meet a cellulosic biofuel mandate DESPITE the fact that this biofuel production was not even possible! Testimony and science backed this up; yet still, the fines were issued.

The “logic” of this makes my head hurt. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT A HIGH ETHANOL BLEND, except that it makes a very specialized lobby a lot of money as it takes it out of our pockets.

The EPA set the standards, and then decided to “fix” everything around those standards in order to make them work. It’s ridiculous and economic engineering!

In the House, Democratic Representative Jim Matheson of Utah and Republican Bob Goodlatte of Virginia have introduced H.R. 1461, the Renewable Fuel Standard Elimination Act.  In the Senate, the Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act, S.1195 has been proposed by Republicans John Barrasso of Wyoming and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, joined by Democrat John Barrasso of Wyoming. Insist Congress support these bills to get rid of the RFS and save our economy.  

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” – Christine Stewart, Former Canadian Minister of the Environment

As we have seen time and time again, the facts don’t matter—the Agenda does.

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How about ceiling fans? Are yours “environmentally friendly?” Are they energy efficient enough for this administration? You better check—the Energy Department just issued a 101 page framework for new regulations on CEILING FANS.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) commented, “First, they came for our healthcare, then they took away our light bulbs, and raided our nation’s most iconic guitar company -- now they are coming after our ceiling fans. Nothing is safe from the Obama administration’s excessive regulatory tentacles.”

Americans have too much, and we should be ashamed of it. We are too prosperous, we live too extravagantly, and our egos—and incomes—must be taken down a notch. The United Nations and its Agenda 21 are going to fix this problem by revamping our school curriculums and regulating us to within an inch of our lives.

Where will it end? They are going to smother us to death. Given many of the statements by Obama and his allies, perhaps that has been the plan all along. After all, the planet would be much better off if all of us weren’t on it.

Liberals want you to be panicked about global warming so they can fundamentally change the entire society of the United States of America, who they say, by virtue of its wealth, is crushing and destroying the rest of the planet.


They claim climate change is responsible for gun violence. They claim climate change is responsible for devastating hurricanes. They try to create fake meat in labs so one day we can do away with cows, who they say create so much methane gas it interferes with the ozone layer.

It sounds ridiculous, but you cannot deny the dots that are being connected.

Michael Oppenheimer of the Environmental Defense Fund says, "The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can't let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US.”

Our own President chastises us for driving SUV’s and keeping our “thermostats at 72 degrees.” Mr. President, if I’m paying for it, I’ll keep it at whatever temperature I want to! Stay out of my business!

We must get Congress to support H.R. 1461, S.1195 and other legislation that will end the EPA’s rule over America. They cannot regulate us to death and the Obama administration cannot hand down its will upon We the People and expect us to just accept it.

It really is out of hand. We have to force Congress to act on this. The government has no business in the free market, especially when it means a corrupt agency like the EPA is dictating what we do or don’t do on a daily basis.

Stop the climate change lie from ruining the United States and redistributing YOUR WEALTH to other countries. Tell Congress to do their job of legislating and end the EPA’s roundabout reign over the American people!


Tony Adkins