BIDENFLATION Becomes BIDENHyperINFLATION and a Return to Sound Money
Currency including the dollar is simply a tool to facilitate trade.The perceived value comes from the faith and trust we collectively have in it. Prior to 1963 each paper note could be traded for a set value of silver. Legislation was put forth to illegally and unconstitutionally end precious metal (gold) backed currency the United States Federal Reserve Note was born. Soon it was set as the world reserve currency which forced all nations to trade in dollars for oil thereby propping it up maintaining its purchasing power for many decades.
Whether by accident, coincidence, or with intention, a perfect storm of events unfolded which resulted in the dollar losing its status as the world reserve currency activating hyperinflation of the United States Federal Reserve Note. 
A tool now broken.
What do we do with a broken tool? We fix or replace it. 
I perceive, as government spending increases so too does the national debt and so does basic living expenses. 
How do we fix $32,000,000,000,000.00 of debt? Can anyone really comprehend that vast amount of debt?
How is money created?
Who is this debt owed to?
Where are the cuts that will benefit the American People most?
Looking ahead, what are the pitfalls?
I don’t have all the answers but I know that balancing the budget is essential.
I also know that a centralized banking digital currency (CBDC)  is a pitfall because it can be turned off by those in power on those who disagree with them. That seems like a really bad idea.
End Usury to ensure that banking cartels are serving the people instead of their own interests and bottom line.