On Thursday we informed you that Congress deliberately cut our military veterans' pensions as a part of last week's Murray-Ryan budget deal. Well, there have been some serious developments that you need to know about…

As you know, last week a group of Republican Senators made a last ditch effort to reinstate these veterans' pensions by closing a tax loophole abused by illegal aliens.

Without a doubt, this proposal makes perfect economic sense. The Murray-Ryan budget cuts military pensions by $6 billion over ten years (roughly $600 million a year). If the senate would have closed the illegal alien tax loophole, it would have saved taxpayers $4.2 billion EVERY SINGLE YEAR. That’s seven-times more than what Congress is taking from our vets. 

I suggested to you that the Democrats ignored this loophole because they just want to bleed our military veterans dry. Why else would they pass on saving $4.2 billion a year just to take a fraction of that from our veterans? Well on Friday, the Democrats showed their hand: they have chosen to hold our military veterans’ pensions hostage!

Rep. Daniel Maffei (D-NY) has introduced H.R. 3793, a bill to restore full military retirement benefits by closing corporate tax loopholes. And with that, Rep. Maffei has shown what the Democrats’ plan is.

The Democrats are using our veterans as pawns in their political agenda. They rejected the Republicans’ proposal to close the loopholes abused by illegal aliens because they have bigger fish to fry and it would be counter-productive to punish one of their voting blocks.

Tell Democrats to STOP holding our veterans hostage to leverage their socialist agenda!

The Democrats’ message is clear as daylight: They blame Corporate America for the cut in Veterans’ pensions. 

Outrage over these pension cuts has crossed party lines. As a result, leaders in both parties have promised that Congress would reinstate our military’s benefits before the cuts go into effect. Both parties have found ways to save the country money without placing undue hardship on our men and women in uniform. 

The Republicans proposed closing a tax loophole to stop illegal aliens from gaming the system and stealing from the American people. The Democrats rejected this proposal and instead aimed their sights at punishing Corporate America, our country’s job creators. 

Conservatives are completely in favor of reforming our country’s tax code. There are definitely ways to make our tax system fairer, and we can accomplish this by reducing the tax burden on American businesses already struggling to kick-start our economy. Currently, the United States has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, with a Federal corporate tax rate of upwards of 35%. After you factor in State and Local taxes, the total corporate tax burden actually approaches 55%.

This is absolutely crippling for businesses struggling to survive in today’s lackluster economy. The only reason that these tax “loopholes” even exist is because accountants have scoured the tax code looking for creative ways to avoid surrendering such a sizeable percentage of corporations’ income.

A high corporate tax rate is the backbone of Democratic fiscal policy. In 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed increasing the income tax to 99.5% for individuals making more than $100,000 a year and proposed a similar tax-hike for corporations. He wrongly believed that this was necessary to drag the United States out of a recession.

Don’t believe for one second that the Democrats want to reduce the corporate tax burden. Their proposal to close corporate tax loopholes without lowering the tax rate is just another attempt to bleed American businesses dry. And the fact that they are holding our veterans hostage to achieve this goal is absolutely atrocious. 

Tell Democrats to STOP holding our veterans hostage to leverage their socialist agenda!

This is absolutely unacceptable for two reasons. First, no one – and I repeat, NO ONE – should be allowed to hold our military veterans hostage. It is depressing that our great Republic has fallen to the point where our veterans, the defenders of the Constitution, are considered disposable in the pursuit of a political agenda. 

Yet it is even more infuriating that Congressional Democrats would insist on these cuts to military pensions, only to turn around and blame Corporate America. Democrats have said they will reinstate our military veterans’ hard-earned pensions if, and only if, American businesses fork over even more money to the government. 

We must not allow Congress to hold our veterans’ pensions hostage under any circumstances. But the fact that the Democrats’ end-goal is to further punish America’s job creators makes this, somehow, even harder to swallow. 

You have answered the call in the past to stand up against this overbearing Congress attempting to fundamentally transform America. Together, we have pushed back against the socialist policies that have crept into Congress.

Today, we are up against a Congress that is deliberately holding our military veterans hostage in an attempt to achieve their socialist fiscal policy that punishes success.  

For our veterans, and for the millions of Americans still out of work, we MUST stand together against Congressional Democrats and RINOs! As long as Congress believes no one is watching, that YOU aren’t watching, they will continue to use our country’s military men and women as pawns in their agendas. 

If we do not stand together and tell Congress that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, they will continue to walk all over us, our veterans, and the American business owners desperately trying to turn this economy around.

Tell Congress that it is UNACCEPTABLE to hold veteran pensions hostage to achieve their socialist agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily