Dear Conservative,

Washington, D.C. politicians have become more disconnected from the American people than ever before. High unemployment? Economic stagnation? Decreased take-home pay? Rising medical costs as a result of Obamacare?

If you listen hard enough, you can actually hear the Congressmen saying, “Let them eat cake!” That’s because a ‘Marie Antoinette’ occupies every single seat on Capitol Hill!

We send Congressmen and Senators to Washington D.C. in order to represent the People’s interest in government. They are supposed to represent Us! In Federalist No. 52, James Madison writes that it is “essential to liberty that the government in general should have a common interest with the people, [and] it is particularly essential that the [Congress] should have an immediate dependence on, and an intimate sympathy with, the people.”

In this single sentence, the framer of the Constitution outlines how the American republic is supposed to function. The Congress, and especially the lower House of Representatives, is designed to be constantly taking the pulse of the American people before enacting public policy.

However, over the years we have drifted away from this basic, fundamental tenet of our Constitutional Republic…

Today, Congressmen and Senators move to Washington, D.C. full-time and lose touch with the people they are supposed to be representing. This has led to actual investigations to determine whether or not some Members of Congress even have a home in the states they claim to represent!

Americans are suffering. Every day, we are all forced to make tough decisions to provide for our families. Good-paying jobs are still hard to come by, Obamacare is forcing families’ health insurance premiums to more than TRIPLE, and years of the government printing currency to solve its problems has made every dollar we earn worth less and less.

Yet, inside the Washington, D.C. bubble, the drinks are still flowing and there are parties every night. Congress truly has no idea how much the American people are suffering thanks to their policies…

It is time that the American people hold Congress accountable and force them to actually work on behalf of the PEOPLE! Tell Congress that if they do not create jobs for the American people as promised, they’ll be the ones looking for a new job come-November!

Let’s start with the recent unemployment numbers that were released this week… I apologize if this seems overly technical, but it is absolutely essential that you read this to understand how horrible Obama’s job recovery has been. Let me break it down for you.

In the past month, employers hired just 113,000 people in the country. Now, I know what you’re saying… that’s a lot of people, right? Wrong!

These are absolutely abysmal numbers. Let me put it this way: the United States needs to create at least 100,000 jobs a month just to keep up with the country’s population growth.

One of the most basic ways to measure economic growth is to see whether enough jobs are being created to keep up with the growing population. Every month, more and more individuals enter the work-force. Either they already live here and are coming of age, or they immigrate to the U.S.  Combine that with the fact that people are working longer and retiring later in life than before. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the economy needs to create between 90,000-100,000 jobs each month just to meet the demand of a growing, working-age population. Those numbers are quite conservative and many economists peg the required number of jobs much higher.

When you look at last month’s job numbers through this lens, you start to realize just why Obama’s so-called “economic recovery” seems to be going nowhere! While the last month was certainly a disappointment, the past five years have been just as poor.

The President and Democrats always like to use the dubious statistics of “jobs created” or “jobs saved” in order to show that their policies are working. These statistics are usually so fundamentally flawed that they aren’t even worth the paper they are written on. “Jobs saved” is nothing but a deceitful attempt by Democrats to show progress using a statistic that is impossible to confirm.

Well, for the sake of argument, let’s use the Democrats’ numbers. In Obama’s first term in office, the Democrats claim that they created or “saved” 1,208,000 jobs. In order to keep up with population growth alone, the country needed to create four times as many jobs in Obama’s first term!

The only jobs that seem to be created are the ones that our Congressmen currently hold. What’s even worse is that despite their appalling record, they actually believe that their jobs are secure. They don’t expect you to hold them accountable for the worst economic recovery in the country’s history. It is your duty as a citizen to prove them wrong!

Tell Congress that if they do not create jobs for the American people as promised, they’ll be the ones looking for a new job come-November!

In addition to the past month’s dreadful job numbers, the CBO also released another scathing criticism of the Obama administration. It estimates that Obamacare will cost the U.S. economy over 2.5 MILLION jobs! Obamacare doesn’t just hurt job growth… it is actually destroying American jobs!

And the Democrats are applauding this. They are actually cheering and touting this job-loss statistic as a sign of success!

Obamacare was supposed to create 4 million jobs, according to disgraced-former House Speaker and Wicked Witch of the West, Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Without even reading the Affordable Care Act, Pelosi promised the American people it would be a job creator. Well, the numbers are in and not only were Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats off in their predictions, but they weren’t even close.

You see, the Affordable Care Act actually creates a disincentive for people to work. Whereas individuals used to have to work in order to provide health insurance to their families, the introduction of federal health insurance subsidies encourages people to work less or drop out of the workplace all together! This will remain true as long as the federal subsidies are valued more than what a family stands to gain by moving up the socio-economic ladder.

Obamacare is fostering government dependency at levels never-before-seen. Remember how Obama claimed to create a net-gain of 1.2 million jobs in his first term? Well with the single stroke of a pen, Barack Hussein Obama destroyed over TWICE as many jobs when he signed the Affordable Care Act into law. This fact is inescapable!

It is time for Congress and this President to be held accountable for their failure to create jobs!

I am asking that you do these two things:

  1. Please Fax Congress and tell them that if they do not create jobs for the American people as promised, they’ll be the ones looking for a new job come-November! The Founders charged you with holding Congress accountable and our legislators have gotten a free pass for far too long!


  1. Please reply to this email with your own economic stories. Every month, the media and Democrats try to convince us that the economy is improving. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that in most cases, it isn’t. After you Fax Congress, please reply to this email and tell us how the economy is affecting you and your family. We will compile these stories and deliver them to Congress on your behalf to make sure that the voice of the people cannot be ignored any longer!


Together, we can reclaim this country and fix this mess that Obama created. It is going to take work and effort, but together we Conservatives are absolutely unstoppable!

Fax Congress and tell them that if they do not create jobs for the American people as promised, they’ll be the ones looking for a new job come-November!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily