Dear American,

We can no longer allow President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to hide or evade from the tragic Benghazi story and their role in the deaths of 4 American heroes.

We know part of the truth but there is more out there. Much more.

After CBS News / “60 Minutes” came out with that incredible tell-all program about the Benghazi debacle, Conservative-Daily was contacted by a special reader with a distinctive THANK YOU to YOU.  

This follower asks you, me, everyone not to give up.  Keep spreading the TRUTH, as it comes out, for all to see.

Our donor will give everyone FAXING (WITHIN 48 hours) a FREE Truth Shirt as A BIG THANK YOU to YOU, for keeping up the fight for the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, behind the cover-up and deaths in Benghazi.

Keep reminding everyone the outcome of their failed policy and disastrous security strategy and plan in Benghazi, even after knowing the high risks.

This administration failed our patriots.

Don’t let them hide. Don’t let Obama or Hillary hide all the people that were on the ground that faithful night in Benghazi. Fax Congress Today!

Senseless Lied

Keep urging for the TRUTH. Keep spreading the story, don’t let them hide any longer.

Thank you for taking a stand for what is right simply because it’s the right thing to do. 

Fax Congress Today!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily