Fellow Conservative,

Well, they did it. They actually did it.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell surrendered and did not defund Barack Obama’s refugee program in the spending bill passed last Friday.

They had the option to kill this refugee program. All it took was a single amendment. They even had the votes to push it through.

But Paul Ryan and Co. chose not to…

They chose to give Barack Obama a blank check to bring as many Middle Eastern refugees into the country as possible.

These cowards know that these budget bills are hundreds of pages long. They know that their constituents aren’t going to read the whole thing. So, they think they can get away with nonsense like this…

They’re wrong. They have to be proven wrong!

Please, join the fight and FORCE Congress to defund Obama’s Middle Eastern refugee plot! Send your FaxBlast now!

Barack Obama set the refugee quota for the 2017 Fiscal Year at 110,000. That Fiscal Year began in October.

Most of these refugees will be coming from Middle Eastern countries where full vetting is impossible.

Yesterday, we hit a milestone. We are 71 days into the new fiscal year. Obama has officially brought more than 10,092 refugees from the Middle East.

The vast majority of these refugees were from Syria (2,671), Iraq (2,710), and Somalia (2,959). It is nearly impossible to vet people coming from these countries. There simply aren’t government employees in these countries that are able to verify people’s identities, histories, or intentions.

Spineless Paul Ryan made all this possible.

We have 39 days until Obama leaves office. If they continue at this accelerated pace, they will bring in an additional 5,540 Middle Eastern refugees.

They won’t be vetted. They won’t be investigated. They won’t even be screened for radical religious beliefs…

Some of the most conservative polling suggests that 1 in 7 Middle Eastern refugees are sympathetic to ISIS.

If we apply this statistic, that means that in the next 39 days, 800 radicalized “refugees” who are sympathetic to ISIS will enter the US. However, we won’t be able to double-check this because the Obama administration isn’t even asking refugees about ISIS.

These refugees are forced to swear, under oath, that they didn’t serve in the Nazi military during World War II, but they aren’t even asked about ISIS…

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have decided that Obama’s unvetted refugee program is acceptable.

It is not.

Don’t let Obama bring 5,500 more Middle Eastern refugees into the country! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they end this asinine program!

We still have time to stop this.

The RINOs in GOP leadership think they can get away with this. They assume that you won’t bother to follow what they’re doing.

They are wrong. Now you know what they’re doing. Now you know that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell just completely funded Obama's plan to bring in 5,500 Middle Eastern refugees between now and Inauguration Day.

As of right now, it is completely funded.

It is literally up to you to stop them. It is now or never.

It is up to you to raise your voice and say, “don’t you dare!”

With this knowledge comes a great responsibility to act.

Please, join me in FORCING Congress to defund Obama’s Middle Eastern refugee plot! Send your FaxBlast now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily