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We all knew this was to be expected. The minute that the Obama administration capitulated and offered to ease the sanctions against Iran, we knew that North Korea would defiantly restart its nuclear program and work towards reinforcing its missile program.

You can hardly blame them. Like Iran, the North Koreans have been crippled by economic sanctions. However thanks to the Obama administration, now Kim Jong Un knows that in order to get the sanctions lifted, he just needs to restart his nuclear program!

With the Islamic Republic of Iran inching closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration intervened and promised to lift the economic sanctions if the Iranians stopped enriching weapons-grade uranium.

The deal is complicated and seriously lacks oversight, meaning that the Iranians could easily continue their weapons program in defiance of the agreement without any repercussions.

What the Iran nuclear deal shows is that in the game of nuclear chicken, when the game is truly on the line, the Obama administration will be the first to capitulate!

The Iran nuclear deal has shown the world that if you defy the United States, you’ll actually get rewarded for it!

FAX CONGRESS: STOP Obama from emboldening our enemies and negotiate from the strength of the United States of America!

Recent aerial photographs over North Korea have confirmed what we feared to be true. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the North Koreans have begun restarting their Yongbyon nuclear reactor.

TheYongbyon facility is capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium and was shut down in 2012 as part of a US-North Korea nuclear deal. Like Iran, North Korea is only months away from producing a nuclear weapon, and now the country has taken the big step towards realizing that goal.

For years, the United States has used a “carrot and stick” approach to foreign policy, a system of rewards and punishments to compel countries to act a certain way. In order for the policy to work, any rewards must be accompanied by the threat of punishment. That’s how our foreign policy is supposed to work. But Barack Obama does not have the backbone necessary to back up his threats, so our enemies continue to walk all over us!

Without the legitimate threat of U.S. retaliation, nuclear actors like Iran and North Korea will continue to build nuclear weapons and threaten our allies because we don’t have the resolve to stop them.

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When both of these countries began inching closer to a nuclear weapon, President Obama threatened that such actions would be unacceptable. But when it came time to actually live up to this threat, the administration caved and asked Iran to negotiate.

We all remember how during the government shutdown, President Obama refused to negotiate with what he called “GOP terrorists.” Well, now our enemies have developed nuclear technologies and are literally holding the world hostage. What does our Commander in Chief do? He offers to give them what they want and asks them ‘pretty please’ to stop making nuclear weapons.

Is this how we want the United States to be seen around the world? Do you want us to be a country with no backbone, more than happy to capitulate to nuclear armed terrorist regimes?

FAX CONGRESS: STOP Obama from capitulating to nuclear terrorists! This isn’t foreign policy! This is just giving our enemies what they want!

There is no doubt that North Korea is pursuing nuclear missile capability. Not only have they restarted their Yongbyon nuclear reactor, but aerial photographs have also revealed significant activity around North Korea’s missile launch platforms.

In fact, earlier this year, North Korea informed the Pentagon that it had ‘ratified’ the potential use of nuclear weapons against the United States.

This photo taken on November 9, 2013 and released on Novermber 30, 2013 by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) shows US Citizen Merrill Newman inking his thumbprint onto a written apology. Newman was detained in North Korea for alleged "hostile acts" against the reclusive, communist country.


(KCNA via KNS/AFP/File)

The North Korean government promises that their nuclear missile technology will only be used as a “deterrent,” but this is coming from a regime that thinks we are still engaged in the Korean War!

(Note: The Korean War is technically still going on. While an armistice agreement was signed in 1953, there was never a peace treaty, so North and South Korea are still technically at war with one another.)

It is startling just how little Barack Obama seems to care about these nuclear threats. Within the year, North Korea could have a nuclear missile capable of hitting the United States. What has the President done to prevent these attacks? He has shown the world that America is spineless and can’t even back up its own threats!

This administration will go down in history as having one of the most foolish and reckless foreign policies.

Urge Congress to stop the Obama administration’s spineless and appeasing foreign policy.

Fax Congress Now.


Joe Otto

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