Fellow Conservative,

President Obama officially announced today that his administration has caved to the Islamic Republic of Iran. A nuclear deal has been finalized. Even though Congress has the power to vote the agreement down, Obama has promised to veto any legislation that derails this plan.

In 5 years, the conventional arms embargo against Iran will be lifted; in 8 years, the ballistic missile sanctions will be lifted and Iran will gain the ability to strike the United States; and in 10 years, the nuclear agreement with Iran will end and the Islamic Republic will be free to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran will get back more than $100 billion in frozen assets, some of which will surely fund terrorist organizations.

And here’s the kicker: if the IAEA wants to inspect a military site for nuclear material, access isn’t guaranteed and Iran is allowed to delay an inspection for two weeks. More than long enough to hide nuclear materials.

This is a bad deal. We are talking about a nuclear-armed Iran in 10 years with a military strong enough to take over the region. This agreement literally lays out a timetable for Iran to get nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles necessary to hit American soil.

Barack Obama said he would not support a bad deal. But now that his negotiators have brought a bad deal to him, he is digging in his heels. If Congress disagrees with the deal and votes to table it, Obama has promised to veto the legislation. He will do whatever he can to ensure that Iran gets its bomb.

This isn’t democracy or republicanism… this is tyranny!

Don’t let Obama give Iran nuclear weapons. Demand that Congress vote down this horrible and suicidal nuclear deal!

This proves that the reports we’ve been publishing have been right all along.

Iran’s military sites remain closed to random inspections and the timetable of restrictions is laughable. Obama negotiated this deal from a position of weakness.

Our sanctions had crippled Iran’s economy and brought the country to its knees. We had all the leverage to ensure that Iran’s nuclear weapons program would be mothballed for good. Instead, Obama has chosen to give Iran the bomb in ten years…

Now, Obama is promising to implement this horrible agreement by any means necessary.

First of all, Obama has refused to introduce the deal as a treaty, which is what the Constitution requires. He knows he wouldn't have the votes.

He is also circumventing Congressional authority by submitting the deal to the United Nations for approval first. So even if Congress shoots the deal down, it will be implemented internationally.

And if Congress does vote this deal down, which we're demanding, Obama has promised to veto the resolution of disapproval.

These aren't the actions of a President... these are the actions of a tyrant.

All it takes is a 2/3 vote in both chambers of Congress to override a Presidential veto. Not all Democrats agree with this President’s actions and not all Republicans will stand the line on this one, so the vote is going to be close. 

You have the power to stop this but you must raise your voice right now and demand that your Congressman and Senators vote NO on Obama’s suicidal Iran deal!

Don’t let Obama force this horrible deal on the country! Demand that Congress vote against this nuclear agreement!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily