Fellow Conservative,

This is unthinkable. Five years after the GOP campaigned on criticizing the Democrats for passing Obamacare without even reading it, they are poised to do the exact same thing with Obamatrade.

Obamatrade is the President’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement with Asia countries. We have absolutely no idea what is in the trade agreement, but the GOP is about to give up its Constitutional power to edit the trade agreement entirely.

Let’s say that Barack Obama adds something related to gun control or illegal immigration amnesty to the final draft of the agreement. If Congress does what it has announced it is going to do – give Obama fast-track authority – then your elected officials would be powerless to remove these poison-pill provisions.

Fast-track authority gives the President the sole power to draft and negotiate the final agreement. Congress would have ZERO input.

This President is too dangerous to be given so much power! Yet, unless We the People rise up now, Republicans in Congress are going to surrender to his will!

Don’t let Congress vote on the TPP and give Obama even more power without making the full text of the agreement public! Click to stop this madness!

Let’s look at a handful of the TPP’s most vocal Republican supporters, shall we?

Reps. Pete Sessions (R-TX), Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Mimi Waters (R-CA) have all come out to publicly support the legislation. They’ve been making the rounds on the TV news channels making the case for why Obamatrade is good for America.

There’s just one problem: all three of these Congressmen haven’t even read the text they’re championing. They’re taking a play right out of Nancy “pass it to learn what’s in it” Pelosi’s playbook.

If you call these three Congressmen and ask their staff whether they’ve read the secret text they’re supporting, you’ll get the same answer everyone else has gotten: no.

Here’s why: Congress doesn’t want to read it because then they’ll be held accountable for what it says. Instead, they can support the trade agreement – benefitting their corporate donors – and still have plausible deniability down the line if the agreement ends up being awful.

The sad thing is this despicable plan is working.

Every day, the number of “Yes” votes grows larger. Meanwhile, these Congressmen are likely finding checks deposited in their re-election funds.

This isn’t democracy. This isn’t republicanism.

Congress answers to you and you alone. For John Boehner and the GOP establishment to move forward on this legislation without even reading it is unthinkable.

The vote is coming this week. The GOP is going to hold the vote regardless of whether they have the votes or not. And this vote is going to be close. A handful of Congressmen will decide Obamatrade’s fate.

You have a solemn responsibility to stop this RINO-backed plot before it is too late!

Force Congress to say NO to Obamatrade and stop the GOP from passing this huge legislation without even reading the trade deal!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily