Dear Conservative,

Barack Obama has once again delayed making a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline!

Rather than listen to the overwhelming evidence supporting that this project will create jobs and lead us towards North American energy independence, Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to listen to the fringe environmentalists within his own party.

For the last FIVE years, the Obama administration has been dragging its feet over this project. The State Department has given its nod of approval for the project more than FOUR times.

Rather than get Americans back to work, rather than building up our infrastructure, and rather than supporting North American energy independence, the President has delayed the project yet again!

Tell Congress that it MUST approve the Keystone XL Pipeline NOW and go around Barack Obama’s radical environmental agenda!

The oil that is being extracted from the ground in Canada and northern states like North and South Dakota is already being shipped through the heartland of the country. Yet, instead of being moved by an economically and environmentally efficient method such as a pipeline, we are forced to rely on trucks and trains to transport all this oil!

Critics of the pipeline make the ridiculous claim that it is safer to ship crude oil by tanker car than it is to pump it through a pipeline. Unfortunately, the actual facts don’t support these Liberals’ claims.

Data compiled by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration show that as reliance on rails for transport increases, so too does the number of accidents. Of the ten worst railroad oil spills that have happened in the U.S. over the past decade, SEVEN of them have occurred in the past three years. This is not to mention the devastating oil spill in Quebec last July that completely decimated a town and killed 47 people!

The environmentalists think that if they can stop the Keystone pipeline, they can prevent the tar sands up north from being extracted and shipped across country. This simply isn’t the case. With the price of oil as high as it is, companies like Exxon are more than willing to use tanker cars to ship their product. That means more pollution, higher costs, and a greater likelihood for catastrophe!

All the evidence suggests that this delay is just Obama playing politics as usual. Obama needs the environmentalists to turn out this November if Senate Democrats are going to have any hope of keeping their seats. If Obama approves this pipeline, as nearly everyone believes he should, then the environmentalists will stay home on Election Day. That is why the decision is now being pushed back until AFTER the November election! The irony is that by delaying the pipeline, Obama is actually endangering the very Midwestern Democrats who are poised to lose in November!

This is absolutely despicable! The American people need jobs NOW! We need North American energy independence NOW!

I am tired of the President of the United States playing politics with important policy decisions! It is time to push this Imperial President to the side and have Congress approve the pipeline once and for all!

The only piece of this pipeline that technically needs government approval is the portion that crosses the international border between the United States and Canada. That is why the State Department was involved in this to begin with… because this was an international construction project.

However, the Obama administration is blaming the delay of a court case in Nebraska that has yet to be decided. Excuses… excuses… excuses…

Are you tired of Barack Obama putting the needs of his high-rolling donors above the needs of the country?!

Are you fed up with this partisan President costing Americans their jobs because of a political agenda?!

Have you had enough of Obama’s anti-energy policies that leave us more dependent on Middle Eastern oil?!

If so, then you must act! You must force Congress to circumvent President Obama and approve the pipeline on its own!

I strongly urge you to take the time to fax Congress your support for the Keystone Pipeline project. Hearing support from their constituents is the only thing that will force these Members of Congress to act on your behalf, not on behalf of the environmentalist lobby!

Tell Congress that it MUST approve the Keystone XL Pipeline NOW and go around Barack Obama’s radical environmentalist agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily