Dear Conservative,

The Obama administration is praising the recent nuclear deal with Iran as a great accomplishment for world peace. However the news coming out of Iran is noticeably the opposite.

The President has touted the agreement as a huge success, and a big first step towards peace in the region. However the Iranians are see it quite differently… Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a so-called “moderate,” declared that world powers had “surrendered” to the will of the Iranian nation by agreeing to the terms of the agreement.

How can there be such a differing analysis of the agreement?

Well in order to independently gauge the effectiveness of the Geneva nuclear deal, we would need to read it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released to the public yet... however we do know some details about the deal.

The Iranians agreed to increased transparency and more-intrusive monitoring of its nuclear program to ensure that all fissionable material is used for peaceful purposes. With that, the Iranians “promise” not to enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels. In return for these assurances, the West agreed to un-freeze Iranian assets and suspend some of the economic sanctions that have crippled the country.

That’s it? Iran “promised” to not develop a nuclear weapon? They’ve been promising that for years! Since the very beginning, the Iranians have promised that their nuclear program was entirely peaceful. Yet despite all of their assurances, it has always plainly obvious that they were intending to build a nuclear bomb.

Not one single Iranian nuclear facility will be closed, the Iranians have been given the green light to continue uranium enrichment, and the regime will still be allowed to expand it nuclear research and development programs.

This has accomplished nothing, yet we are supposed to just believe the President when he claims it is a victory? Thanks to the Obama administration, the Iranian government is still allowed to enrich uranium, creeping closer and closer to creating a nuclear weapon! The President doesn’t have the backbone to stop Tehran, and he must be stopped before he further emboldens a Nuclear Iran!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s dangerous Iran policy of appeasement!

Any student of history knows exactly what happens when governments appease their sworn enemies. Obama will give and give, all the while promising that if Iran steps out of line, there will be serious consequences.

Ask the Syrian government how worried it is about Obama’s threats. The Syrian regime is accused of using chemical weapons against its own people, and Obama didn’t even bat an eyelash. The Syrian regime is still waiting for Obama to punish it for crossing the President’s red line.

Appeasement is nothing but a sign of weakness that shows our enemies that we lack the resolve to follow-through with our threats. Thanks to Barack Obama, the world knows we are a pushover. Any credibility that was left in the Presidency has been lost thanks to Obama’s inability to back-up even the simplest threats.

What else could we possibly do? We tried economic sanctions, and they were working, but Obama doesn’t have the guts to see them through. Some of the Democrats have actually called the sanctions “cruel.”

Luckily, many Republicans AND Democrats in Congress recognize the flaws in Obama’s policy. However Barack Obama and Harry Reid have conspired to prevent Congress from voting on a new batch of economic sanctions. Just this week, Sen. Reid prevented a bill from being put to a vote that would add new economic sanctions if Iran was caught pursuing a bomb. Apparently Reid hasn’t heard of the Carrot and Stick approach to foreign policy…

Rather than prove to the Iranians that we mean business, Barack Obama has shown his hand. Our enemies can defy us, they can continue to enrich weapons-grade uranium, and they can even threaten to annihilate our enemies. Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t care!

The President is so interested in “giving peace a chance” that he has actually opened the door for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon! There are many in Congress trying to put an end to this foolish foreign policy, but they need to hear from YOU! You need to tell them that it is a priority!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s dangerous Iran policy of appeasement!

Israeli intelligence has warned that the Iranians are just months away from obtaining the fissionable material necessary to fuel a nuclear bomb.

Tehran is almost there, and this nuclear deal just allows Iran to run out the clock until it reaches its goal.

But this isn’t just going to stop here. Soon you will see other countries in the Middle East start their own nuclear programs because they know that Obama will do NOTHING to stop them!

This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Everyone should agree that a nuclear Iran makes the world a much more dangerous place. Obama, on the other hand, sees it differently. He’s willing to trust Iran in order to “give peace a chance.”

Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, is responsible for human rights violations on a daily basis, and has repeatedly called for the annihilation of the Jewish state.

President Obama claims that he is employing a “carrot and stick” foreign policy, but after five years of appeasing and apologizing, our enemies know that the President will give away as many carrots as necessary if it means he doesn’t have to use the stick!

Obama’s weakness is emboldening our enemies. Trusting Iran is foolish, it shows just how naïve this President is, and the policy of nuclear appeasement must be stopped!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s dangerous Iran policy of appeasement!


Joe Otto