Dear Conservative,

Rep. John Boehner has stabbed us in the back for the last time!

You put him in power. You made him the Speaker of the House. Without the rise of the Tea Party in 2010, we would still have Nancy Pelosi, aka the Wicked Witch of the West, holding the gavel in the House of Representatives.

He owes us everything, but how does he treat us? Like trash!

John Boehner has been caught red-handed, telling a group of Texas businessmen that he plans to introduce amnesty legislation AFTER the Republican Party’s April filing deadline for primary challengers.

That’s right. Boehner knows that Conservatives reject the idea of granting amnesty and citizenship to country’s 11+ million illegal aliens, ESPECIALLY if there is nothing done to secure the border.

He knows that this is political suicide to put an amnesty bill up for a vote. In all honesty, if he feels passionate enough about this to put his reelection in jeopardy, then there is nothing we can really do. Politicians go against their districts all the time on issues they feel strongly about, and many pay the price for going against the will of the People. The American people will hold Boehner and his allies accountable for their betrayal on Election Day if he puts an amnesty bill up for a vote.

If he is willing to sacrifice up his career to give citizenship to illegal aliens and simultaneously put the nail in the coffin of the Republican Party, he is more than free to do that. And his constituents are free to vote for a Conservative primary challenger instead.

Except here’s the problem: Boehner wants to have his cake and eat it too. That’s why he has promised he won’t introduce the amnesty bill until AFTER the deadline to file to be a primary challenger. This allows Boehner, and the RINOs he runs with, to vote for amnesty without worrying about losing the election because it will be impossible for a Conservative to launch a primary challenge. After he stabs us in the back, there will be nothing we can do because it will be too late for primary challengers to be put on the ballot!

This is sneaky… this is corrupt… and John Boehner does not deserve to be Speaker of the House!

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who plans to go along with this liberal collaborator’s amnesty duplicitous plan must be put on notice that We the People will not tolerate their treachery!

Tell Congress that anyone who supports amnesty will either be defeated at the polls or recalled!

It is absolutely staggering how big of a betrayal this is. The fact that we fought tooth and nail to take back the House of Representatives, only to watch John Boehner stab us in the back makes my blood boil! And it should make your blood boil too!

It’s almost like Boehner and the RINOs think that we’re like the Democrats and that we’ll vote for whomever the party bosses tell us to.

Well, we have news for them: We ARE NOT just some career voters who will vote the way someone tells us. We ARE NOT just some uneducated voters who vote the party line.

We are Constitutionalists and real Conservatives who vote our values, our conscience, and our ideals!

For far too long, Republicans have just assumed that we will support them and for the longest time, we didn’t really have a choice. Look at Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, or the Libertarian candidate in the recent Virginia Gubernatorial election. Historically, when voters branch out to vote for a third party, they tend to only help the other side.

But with the Tea Party and the rise of real Conservative politicians, it became possible to vote Republican without violating your values and conscience.

That is because during every election cycle, incumbents must go through a primary process and answer for their voting record. The people are given the opportunity to replace RINO incumbents with real Conservative candidates during the primary.

Boehner realizes that if he puts the amnesty bill up for a vote, it would be political suicide for him and any “conservative” who votes for it. They would get annihilated in the traditionally low-turnout party primaries. That’s why they are secretly waiting until it is too late for challengers to get on the Republican primary ballots. They want you to have no other choice but to vote for them, even though they stabbed you in the back!

But it is not that simple. You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on us Conservatives!

Tell Congress that anyone who supports amnesty will either be defeated at the polls or recalled!

If John Boehner and the Republican “leadership” are allowed to hatch this scheme, it will go down in history not only as the biggest Congressional betrayal, but also as the death of the Republican Party.

It is no secret that the Democrats are licking their lips at the prospect of gaining over 11 million new voters. The majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic, and they typically vote for Democrats. So with this single decision, John Boehner stands poised to not only ostracize the GOP’s Conservative base, but also to add another 11 million voters to the Democrat rolls.

Without a doubt, John Boehner and the RINOs he runs with are preparing to bring about the end of the Republican Party. Now listen… I hate the GOP as much as the next person, and I would be more than happy to jump ship and start a new political party that actually stands for Conservative, American values. But this isn’t the way to do it.

If John Boehner is allowed to hatch this plan, it will usher in decades of Democrat control of the government, something that I doubt we would ever recover from.

This isn’t an exaggeration, and it isn’t hyperbole. This is the end of the Republican Party, and likely the end of Conservatism as we know it!

What are you going to do?

Are you going to be like the 99% of Americans who pay no attention to what goes on in Washington, D.C.?

Or are you going to stand up and stop John Boehner and the Republicans from stabbing Conservatives in the backs and destroying the Republican Party?

I strongly urge you to Fax EVERY Republican Congressman that this secret amnesty plan is unacceptable, because if they do go through with it, the results will be absolutely devastating! It is nothing but a devious way to go against the will of the people and avoiding the electoral consequences.

Tell Congress that anyone who supports amnesty will either be defeated at the polls or recalled!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily