Dear Conservative,

I’ve been saying this for weeks…While everyone is focusing on what Obama will do with his upcoming illegal alien executive order, the rest of his administration is quietly working behind the scenes to enact amnesty through a piecemeal approach.

Now, we have learned that the Department of Justice is actively targeting businesses and punishing them for trying to verify an employee’s residency status!

That’s right, the DOJ has fined Culinaire International – a restaurant-management company – more than $20,000 because the business had the gall to ask employees to provide proof of legal residency in the United States!

Tell Congress to STOP Eric Holder’s DOJ from punishing businesses for verifying employees’ citizenship status!

Believe it or not, this ridiculous DOJ ruling might actually reveal an Achilles’ Heel for Obama’s upcoming amnesty executive order! Keep reading to find out how!

In this case, this company sought to confirm the identity and residency status of one of its employees. The employee in question showed up with two documents: an expired permanent residency card and an up-to-date permanent worker card. The business thought this was fishy, so it required the employee to produce another document definitively proving citizenship or permanent residency.

This makes complete sense. Any business owner would agree with this decision. The DOJ apparently didn’t.

According to Eric Holder’s Justice Department, this company engaged in “citizenship-discrimination” when it asked applicants and employees to prove their citizenship and/or legal residency.

 “Employers cannot discriminate against workers by requiring them to produce more documents than necessary in the employment eligibility verification and re-verification processes,” says Molly Moran, the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights division.

Yes, this is the same DOJ Civil Rights Division that was reprimanded by a New Orleans Judge for “prosecutorial misconduct” in its attempt to convict a New Orleans Police Officer of ‘civil rights violations.’ This Civil Rights Unit was caught red-handed anonymously using social media to “circumvent ethical obligations, professional responsibilities, and even to commit violations of the Code of Federal Regulations.”

It makes complete sense to verify a job applicant’s citizenship. After all, a business can’t legally hire an American without seeing a photo ID first. The Justice Department, however, disagrees. According to the Civil Rights Division, verifying and re-verifying citizenship and residency status is illegal and violates the “anti-discrimination rules within the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

When I first read this DOJ statement, I couldn’t help but laugh. If anyone ever questions that the Obama administration picks-and-chooses which laws to enforce and which to ignore, please direct them to this case.

You see, the Immigration and Nationality Act is literally hundreds of pages long. It is essentially the go-to law when it comes to immigration, citizenship, and naturalization in this country.

Every time that the Obama administration announces amnesty or asylum for illegal aliens… every time that captured illegal alien felons are set free… this is done in CLEAR violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

So it is rather humorous that the Justice Department would fine an honest American business $20,460 for violating a law that the Obama administration literally violates on a daily basis!

Tell Congress to STOP Eric Holder’s DOJ from punishing businesses for verifying employees’ citizenship status!

Believe it or not, this story is about a lot more than just punishing one company. This DOJ ruling could prove to be the Achilles’ Heel for Barack Obama’s upcoming amnesty executive order!

Rumor has it that Barack Obama will hand out amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by automatically enrolling them in a permanent guest worker program.

Contrary to what King Obama may believe, no President has the authority to hand out citizenship or green cards. There are legally defined processes and benchmarks required to obtain citizenship and permanent residency. What Obama CAN and WILL do is suspend deportations and give illegals the ability to legally work in the United States by adding them to the guest worker program.

This action would give illegal aliens a guest worker ID but they still probably wouldn’t have a permanent residency card…

Now do you see why the DOJ is suing this restaurant-management company? Pay attention, because this is important!

This Justice Department ruling is setting the stage for a reality where illegals will show up to a business without any proof of residency, but with permission to work in the United States. And according to the DOJ, business owners won’t legally be allowed to check whether the immigrant came to this country legally or whether he or she was given amnesty by President Obama.

The only way Obama’s amnesty executive order will work is if American businesses are forced to hire these illegals. Obama can promise to halt deportations all he wants, but none of that matters if illegals aren’t able to get jobs in the country. If businesses had the ability to verify citizenship or legal residency, they’d be able to figure out who was here illegally and simply not hire them!

Eric Holder and the Justice Department are setting the stage for introducing millions of illegals into the work-force and threatening to fine any company that double-checks the citizenship or legal residency status of applicants!

Help stop Obama’s amnesty executive order! Demand that Congress allow businesses to verify job applicants’ citizenship and residency!

After Obama hands out amnesty, illegal aliens will show up at a job interview and won’t be able to prove residency, but they’ll have Obama’s permission to work here. Now, thanks to the DOJ’s ruling, it will be illegal to even ask whether an applicant is legally allowed to be in the United States!

This is ridiculous! But with this ruling, the DOJ might have revealed a way to prevent Obama’s amnesty executive order before it ever goes into effect!

All it takes to dismantle Barack Obama’s upcoming amnesty executive order is to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to give business owners the authority to verify the citizenship of job applicants!

You need to Fax Congress NOW demanding that American businesses be given this power because only this can halt Obama’s amnesty executive order!

Help stop Obama’s amnesty executive order! Demand that Congress allow businesses to verify job applicants’ citizenship and residency!

Not only is this a common-sense change to prevent the hiring of illegal aliens, but it also could stop Obama’s amnesty executive order in its tracks!

Let’s do this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily