Fellow Conservative,

This is it, ladies and gentlemen…

Conservatives in both chambers of Congress have taken a MAJOR step to dismantle Barack Obama’s new elderly gun ban!

As you remember, one part of Obama’s gun control executive order was an instruction for the Social Security Administration to forcibly disarm any beneficiary deemed to be mentally disabled.

Only problem? The administration has altered the definition of “mental disability” to include any beneficiary who has a “designated payee” assigned to help with managing his or her finances.

These people are not a threat to themselves or others. I am talking about people who just need help making sure that their bills get paid on time.

Some of the reasons that Social Security beneficiaries assign a designated payee? They might not have a car and need a family member to make their bank deposits for them. They might live far away from the bank or grocery store so they delegate that responsibility as well. These are both legitimate reasons listed by the SSA for assigning a designated payee.

Why on earth does not owning a car or needing help depositing checks mean you are unfit to own a gun???

The program is a mirror image of what was developed at the VA, where perfectly competent veterans were disarmed after being convinced to assign a family member to help manage their finances. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of veterans were stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights unjustly this way.

Senators Dean Heller (R-NV) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) have introduced the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act in the Senate. Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) has introduced the House version.

This bill is one page long and would permanently put a stop to Obama’s plan to wrongfully disarm elderly Social Security beneficiaries!

This is our chance! Force Congress to fast track this bill to STOP Obama’s elderly gun ban!

There is essentially one paragraph in the bill:

“No determination by the Commissioner of Social Security with respect to an individual, including a determination that benefits under this title to which such individual is entitled shall be paid to a representative payee, shall be considered to be a determination that the individual has been adjudicated as a mental defective…”

Essentially, it says that the Obama administration cannot take a beneficiary who needs help managing their finances and put them in the same category as someone with complete dementia.

Which is completely common sense. Financial illiteracy does not disqualify someone from owning a firearm. Admitting you need help making sure the bills get paid on time does not mean you pose a threat to yourself or others.

And Obama knows this. But he is using this as an excuse to disarm as many people as possible before he leaves office.

Remember when he said that he wasn’t interested in taking anyone’s guns? What a surprise, he lied…

This legislation just got introduced into Congress. Obama is moving forward as fast as possible to get this program off the ground before it passes.

We CANNOT afford to wait on this anymore! If we just wait for this to go through the normal process, it will be too late. People will be disarmed. If we just trust in the committee process to do its job, Obama will succeed.

Don’t let Obama’s confiscation plan go into effect! FaxBlast Congress demanding they push this bill through right now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily