Dear Conservative,

Last year, in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, we pleaded with our representatives to increase school security. The NRA was continually mocked by the Left for suggesting that we put police or armed guards in our schools. Instead of taking these common sense steps to safeguard our children, Democrats instead chose to attack our Second Amendment rights to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to lawfully keep and bear arms.

However if the last year has proven anything, it is that the old adage is in fact true: the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Just last week, on the day before the anniversary of last year’s Sandy Hook shooting, we suffered another school shooting in Centennial, Colorado. 18 year old Karl Pierson entered the Arapahoe High School intent on murdering one of the teachers. When the deranged shooter couldn’t find the teacher he was targeting, he turned his shotgun on one of his classmates. The shooter had a shotgun, plenty of ammunition, Molotov cocktails, and he was determined to kill as many people as possible. However while some of the other school tragedies have ended with dozens of victims, last week’s school shooting was over in 80 seconds.

That’s because an armed sheriff’s deputy was in the school as a school resource officer. Hearing the gun fire, he ran towards the danger. And when Pierson realized a police officer was already bearing down on him, he decided to turn his shotgun on himself.

What happened last Friday in Centennial, Colorado was a horrible tragedy that reminds all of us just how fragile life can be. But it also serves as a stark reminder of the fact that if you have to call 9-1-1 in order to get a police response in a life or death situation, chances are you’re too late.

All evidence suggests that the shooter took his life because of the police presence. Having an armed police officer on school grounds allowed for an almost instantaneous response time. The officer heard the shots, and he started running towards the classroom. Lives were saved because of the deputy’s quick response and all of a sudden, Arapahoe High School wasn’t the soft-target that the shooter hoped it would be.

Tell Congress to protect our children and stop telling criminals that our schools are soft targets!

There are plenty of responsible people who would be more than happy to protect our schools. Think of all the retired police and military personnel who are looking for a job. Not only do we have a chance to protect our children, but we can create jobs in the process!

The biggest argument against using armed guards to protect our schools is that it would be too expensive. First of all, there are already armed police officers in 1/3 of our nation’s schools. So any time that you hear someone say it is too expensive to do, remind them that it is already happening in a third of our schools.

It would cost approximately $3.62 Billion to place armed police officers in the rest of our country’s schools. Is that really too expensive? Think about how many billions of stimulus dollars were wasted on pork projects and temporary jobs. The people who are saying it isn't worth it to protect our children were the same ones wanting to pay millions of dollars for people to dig holes and fill them back in when the stock market crashed. These are the same people who are more than happy to give billions of dollars of foreign aid to our enemies. Liberal Democrats are always willing to spend money we don't have, however when it comes to protecting our children, all of a sudden these liberals become fiscal conservatives!

There is nothing more valuable than our children. They are the future. If we won't do everything in our power to protect our children, then we don't deserve to be outraged over these tragedies. The solution isn’t to disarm all of us. That can’t be the solution. Anyone who looks at these tragedies and thinks that law-abiding citizens are the problem needs to have their head examined. Unfortunately, that’s all Congress seems to be interested in… violating your rights because of the acts of a few deranged individuals!

Tell Congress to protect our children and stop telling criminals that our schools are soft targets!

The evidence proves that a fast police response is the best way to put an end to active shooter situations. But having a police presence in a school is also the best way to prevent school shootings from happening.

There’s a reason that mass shooters choose schools and other soft targets. Every single mass shooting since 1950 has happened in a place where possession of firearms is prohibited. Those are just the facts. Thanks to Clinton administration, every school in America is a Gun-Free Zone. Shooters know that they aren’t likely to run into resistance at a school.

Yet police also know that the best way to deal with a school shooting is to immediately close-in on the suspected shooter. They learned from the lessons of Columbine that during these active shooter situations, every second counts. So wouldn’t it make sense to empower police officers to respond quickly to these school shootings?

It has been suggested that Adam Lanza’s original target was the Newtown High School. One witness claims to have seen his car approach the high school, only to turn around when he saw police cars parked in front of the school. Think about how many outdated police cars your town has. Instead of parking them to deter people from speeding, how about we park them in front of the schools to deter people from trying to kill our children?

There are simple common sense solutions that evidence has shown to be life-savers. However Congress has failed to even address the fact that in the year since the Sandy Hook shooting, our schools are just as vulnerable as they ever have been! Instead of dealing with these vulnerabilities, Democrats and RINOs continue to try and disarm you… as if taking away your firearms will magically make everyone safer!

It is time to tell Congress to stop using tragedies to further their gun control agendas and to finally take steps to protect our children! The only way to prevent school shootings is to remove our country’s schools from the list of gun-free zone.

Tell Congress to stop trying to infringe on your Second Amendment rights and to finally start protecting our school children!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily