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Do you know what Common Core is yet? Here is a taste of what is to come …

Recently, parents in Maryland got concerned when their kids were “FORCED” to take a survey with questions like, “What is your religion?” and “What is your parents’ political affiliation?” and “What is your sexual orientation?”

When the parents asked the school about the survey, they were told no such questionnaire ever took place—and mysteriously, the evidence of the survey was removed from the school website. Then, the school blamed it on one lone teacher.

This is how Common Core operates: in the dark, and when someone asks questions about it, they are shooed away like a pesky fly or accused of “not wanting what is best for the children.”

Just ask the Maryland parent who dared stand up at an informational meeting to ask questions. He was arrested.

Common Core is a nationalized education program that 45 states have adopted, basically sight-unseen. It is a grand progressive plan to create a federal “plan” for each of our kids, Kindergarten through age 20, and prepare them for government service or “the trades.”

According to many experts, this will kill innovation in the classroom, no more personalized study, and educational standards will plummet.

Parents and teachers across America are up in arms—but the peddlers of Common Core are pretending we are just hysterical, misinformed and fear mongering. They are hoping we’ll go away or that people will think better of associating with us.

Michelle Malkin: “Hidden in Common Core is the real objective – presenting the minimal amount of material that high-school graduates need to be able to enter the work force in an entry-level job, or to enroll in a community college with a reasonable expectation of avoiding a remedial math course.”

Jason Zimba is one of the CHIEF DRAFTERS of the math standards. HE ADMITTED in 2010, at a public meeting of the Massachusetts State Board of Education, that Common Core is designed to prepare students only for a non-selective community college, not a university. 

Parents and teachers are being completely removed from the education process and the government is stepping in to take over. Fax Congress right this minute and tell them to STOP COMMON CORE before it destroys the American educational system!


Forget the educational standards for the moment, which will destroy the intellect of this nation, and we will explain further—let’s examine the mindset that Common Core weaves throughout its lessons.

All children in all states, at all levels of society, will learn the same lessons in the same way. Those lessons will be that statism is good, humans are harming the planet, wealth is bad, and Western civilization is therefore, terrible by nature.

There are educational videos being used in some schools explaining that everyone has a right to healthcare, high quality food, enough money for retirement, a decent job and a house, as well as the right to join a union. Eight weeks in the curriculum is solely dedicated to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

It doesn’t matter if your kids do not attend a public school. Eventually the curriculum requirements will be included in the state longitudinal databases, and college admissions standards will draw from Common Core expectations.

National standardized tests are already rewritten to align to Common Core.

There will be no escape unless we educate parents and stop it now.


FAX CONGRESS and tell them to fight tooth and nail at the federal level and in their districts to END COMMON CORE before it is too big to fail!



By the end of high school, at least 50 percent of student instruction will involve reading “informational texts” like EPA manuals and government white papers. Fewer and fewer time will be spent on literature classics!

If the federal government creates the national curriculum, who will decide what our kids will learn, what they believe is truth or what ideological pathway they will be “NUDGED” to take?


Common Core wants students to “feel” the answers and have a “deeper conceptual understanding” of the answers, whatever they want them to be, and however they arrive at them. Two plus two can equal ten as long as the student can make a case for how they got there. A Stanford University professor says Common Core will put the U.S. at least two years behind other developed countries in math.

We believe this will strangle our progress much more than that.

The curriculum was developed behind closed doors, with very little input from teachers and without one classroom teacher signing off on it in the end! In fact, the very people peddling the new Common Core approved textbooks and Common Core standardized tests are—you guessed it—the same people who went behind closed doors to develop the curriculum in the first place.  

Even professors who were involved in developing the curriculum have expressed huge disappointment and caution at the outcome.

Obama’s fundamental change in education uses database tools and analysis to define a plan for your child based on their strengths. They are carving out a place in government for your faithful and humble public servant to flourish.

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Obama and his administration don’t want you to know what’s in it. They don’t want you to know how much it will cost. They have no proof it works and they are using “the children” to pressure you into silence.

A teacher responding to criticism of Common Core said: “I am a teacher that understands and dislikes Common Core, and I do not know of any teacher that likes the program. It is another example of BIG GOVERMENT taking over more of our lives. We do not need a Department of Education at the federal level, because states know their educational needs better than Washington. States may disagree with what the federal government mandates to them, but they will do whatever they have to for federal money. Common Core and many programs get into our educational system in this manner. Doesn't this sound like the way big government is trying to take away our freedoms? Citizens of this country better wake up and stop big government, which needs to begin within our educational system.”

Help this teacher and others like her FIGHT THE SYSTEM and stop the federal government from destroying our children’s education. Fax Congress right this very minute and end it!

Barack Obama’s far-Left, socialist national education program known as Common Core is coming to get your kids, and fast. They are testing components of it right now. And its success all depends on you, the parents and grandparents, NOT KNOWING ABOUT IT and NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT even when you take notice.

Americans on both the Left and Right side of the political spectrum are raising holy fever about this program. We want everyone to know what it is, who is behind it, and what it means for our educational system.

Please, pass this message along and let them know our kids are being used as guinea pigs, and the schools are covering it up and lying about it so the real truth won’t come out.

We will not stop fighting against Common Core and we need your help.

This statist national curriculum will not raise academic standards, it will stifle them. It will end classroom creativity and innovation, and it will indoctrinate entire generations of kids into the belief that the government is their true parent and that is where they should seek all the comforts they need in life.

So very much is wrong with Common Core. Please spread the word to your friends, family, teachers, clergy and neighbors, EVERYONE needs to know that this kind of nationalized indoctrination is going on in America right now.

Please, help us stop this nationalized, progressive scheme designed to change the American educational system into a shadow of its former self—exactly what they did with our great healthcare system when they implemented Obamacare. If you don’t want Obama’s radical Left ideas drummed into your child’s head every day, you need to FAX Congress right now and tell them to fight this tooth and nail at the state and federal level.


Joe Otto

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