Dear Conservative,

We’ve known for months that ISIS was collaborating with Mexican drug cartels and casing the border to look for a way into the country…

Then, we learned that four illegal aliens with connections to terrorist organizations were caught entering the U.S. on September 10th of this year…

Now, we can confirm what was suspected all along: Americans who left the country to fight for ISIS/ISIL have already returned home and are back in the United States!

ISIS radicalized these Islamic extremists and the terror group has instructed its terror cells here in the U.S. to target our military families!

ISIS has instructed American radicals to murder U.S. military personnel and their families in their own homes!

You can call it far-fetched if you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Australian government just foiled a similar plot in its country…

The Obama administration knew this was going to happen… Conservative Congressmen and Senators introduced legislation to stop these American terrorists from re-entering the country… But the Democrats have BLOCKED every attempt to deal with this crisis!

American ISIS Militants have returned home to the U.S.! Tell Congress to capture these extremists and STOP more radicalized Americans from returning home!

Senator Ted Cruz introduced his own bill to deal with the problem last week. His bill, the Expatriate Terrorist Act, is rather short. It is only three pages. The goal of this legislation is to stop these terrorists from coming home by rescinding their American citizenship.

Sen. Cruz tried to fast-track the legislation. This is accomplished by skipping the lengthy committee process and presenting the bill directly to the Senate floor. It is a parliamentary maneuver that is only used in dire circumstances because just one Senator’s opposition can kill the bill entirely.

Sure enough, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stood up and protested against the bill and Harry Reid is unlikely to allow the bill to come up for a vote again.

Sen. Hirono raised the point that rescinding an American’s citizenship is a delicate matter that requires great deliberation and debate. This is absolutely ridiculous!

8 U.S.C. 1481(a) is a law that is already on the books and dictates that any American caught fighting for an enemy country’s army immediately loses their American citizenship. Sen. Ted Cruz attempted to amend this portion of the law to include fighting for a “designated foreign terrorist organization" as an additional disqualifier.

The amendment, if passed, would have treated Americans fighting for ISIS just like any other American who joined a hostile state’s foreign army.

But this commonsense fix didn't pass. The Democrats shot it down. And today, we've learned straight from the White House that American ISIS fighters have in fact returned back to the United States from Syria. With the loophole in the law still wide-open, there is no telling how many more radicalized American ISIS fighters will be allowed to return home…

I can't even wrap my head around just how many Americans' lives are in jeopardy because of these spineless Democrats. This is treasonous, ladies and gentlemen, and it MUST be stopped!

American ISIS Militants have returned home to the U.S.! Tell Congress to capture these extremists and STOP more radicalized Americans from returning home!

It’s remarkable that these Democrats have waited until now to remember their high school civics lessons.

Remember, these are the same Democrats who gave tacit consent to the Obama administration’s drone targeting program.

The Obama administration has literally admitted that it uses military drones to assassinate Americans who joined terror groups abroad and these Senate Democrats have no problem with President Obama playing judge, jury, and executioner.

They claimed that Ted Cruz’s bill raised 'serious constitutional concerns.'

Really? That’s nonsense! The fact that Democrats shot down this common-sense bill shows their true agenda. They want to protect radical Americans who fought for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

As ridiculous as that seems, that’s the only reason that really comes to mind. Or perhaps that they just can’t stand to see a Republican policy idea succeed…

It’s already illegal for an American to return home if they fought in a foreign hostile army. That law has been on the books for decades…

Now we MUST amend the law to include fighting for terror groups as a disqualifier as well before more radicalized Americans return home to finish their jihad…

You can’t waste one minute. You need to demand action now!

American ISIS Militants have returned home to the U.S.! Tell Congress to capture these extremists and STOP more radicalized Americans from returning home!

Can’t believe the scum that get elected to Congress…

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily