Dear Conservative,

When armed terrorists took over our consulate in Benghazi, the Obama administration's first line of action should have been simple: call the Army, Marines, Navy... ANYONE who could have possibly saved Ambassador Chris Stevens from the terrorists laying siege to the consular compound.

But that's not who the White House called when they learned about the attack... They called the offices of YouTube and demanded that they take down that anti-Muslim video off of their website! That's right; new documents examined by the House Government Oversight Committee show that when the attack started in Benghazi, one of the first calls out of the White House was to YouTube demanding that the "Innocence of Muslims" video be taken down.

It turns out that the White House made no call for American or Foreign forces to launch a rescue attempt... They were comfortable just letting these four Americans die. Instead, they spent the time calling YouTube to have the low-budget video taken down, showing just how out of touch the Obama administration was!

Tell Congress that it MUST get to the bottom of why the Obama administration chose to let Ambassador Stevens and his security detail die in Benghazi!

The White House is now arguing that their early fixation with the YouTube video proves that they believed it was the source of the violence long before any intelligence estimates reached the Oval Office. Obama aides are claiming that this is proof that there was no cover-up and that the White House wasn't trying to deceive Americans.

The fact that the YouTube video-narrative prevailed for weeks after the attack, however, even after it was proven to be false shows the administration had an ulterior motive. The only reason that the White House and other government agencies would continue to push a disproven narrative would be to deceive the American people!

Unfortunately for them, their logic falls apart. No one is blaming them for originally believing that the YouTube video was responsible. That was a prevalent narrative on the day of the attacks. What is absolutely reprehensible, however, is that they called YouTube more than they called the Joint Chiefs to put together a rescue operation. But I guess any number is more than zero...

On multiple occasions, administration officials have claimed that they never could have made it to Benghazi on time to save Amb. Stevens and the rest of the Americans at the compound. While hindsight is of course 20/20 and we know the attack lasted for hours through the night, the White House couldn't possibly have known how long the attack would last or how long those in the compound would be able to hold out.

Tell Congress that it MUST get to the bottom of why the Obama administration chose to let Ambassador Stevens and his security detail die in Benghazi!

When you learn that Americans are in danger, the first action should be to dispatch a rescue team. Whether that team would be comprised of American soldiers or our foreign allies, the first thing that the Obama administration should have done would have been to launch a response!

But that isn't what happened. Even though the White House had no idea of how long the attack would last, some Nostradamus within the administration decided that our forces couldn't possibly make it in time.

Let me repeat... The problem isn't that the Obama White House didn't save Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans who perished. Even with a response team inbound, there was no guarantee that their rescue mission would have been a success.

The problem is that Barack Obama and his advisors DIDN'T EVEN TRY! They didn't even attempt to intervene. This is absolutely shameful!

Congress, the Issa Committee, and the Select Committee on Benghazi must get to the bottom of why the Obama administration left these Americans to die and who ultimately made that decision. We must know where Obama was that night and whether he, or someone else, was responsible for calling YouTube instead of calling the Joint Chiefs!

One of the first things that the administration did was to threaten YouTube for hosting a low-budget anti-Islam video on its site. They spent more time doing that then they did planning a rescue mission! Whether this was a cover-up or just an example of gross executive ineptitude and negligence, the American people deserve to know why the Commander-in-Chief left an American Ambassador to die without even launching a rescue mission!

Tell Congress that it MUST get to the bottom of why the Obama administration chose to let Ambassador Stevens and his security detail die in Benghazi!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily