Fellow Conservative,

The majority of Donald Trump’s cabinet has been confirmed. More are slated to be confirmed this week. The Senate will resume work on Monday with a vote scheduled to confirm the new Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross.

But there is one Obama administration official that is still in charge of his department. And that man must be removed.

John Koskinen is Obama’s IRS Commissioner. He was brought in after the IRS scandal broke and was charged with turning around the agency.

What he did, however, was lie under oath and obstruct a Congressional investigation into IRS corruption.

Koskinen’s term doesn’t end until November 17, 2017. He can only be removed if he is forced out.

Tell Congress to clean house! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they vote to impeach Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen!

Impeachment is completely justified. This is the man who lied to Congress about deliberately targeting Conservatives. He was ordered to preserve files and documents and, just like Hillary Clinton, he allowed them to be destroyed while under a legal subpoena. When asked if the subpoenaed documents were being preserved, Koskinen lied to Congress and said yes even though he knew that hard drives were being incinerated.

The man committed perjury during his testimony to Congress. He lied about what he knew and when he knew it. But even worse, it has been 3 years since the IRS scandal first broke and just this past November, yet another Judge determined that there was a coordinated discrimination plot against Conservative organizations.

The court ruled that there wasn’t even evidence that the IRS ever stopped targeting Conservatives…

Before the election, Congressmen in the conservative Freedom Caucus filed what is known as a “privileged resolution.” This was a maneuver that forced the House to vote on an impeachment resolution to remove Koskinen from office.

Just before Christmas, Congress was forced to hold a vote. At the last minute, Paul Ryan led a coup and teamed up with Democrats to block the measure.


Now, Conservatives in Congress are preparing to make another run at removing this corrupt Obama bureaucrat from office. But they need all of our help!

No more Obama policies! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to remove Obama’s IRS Commissioner from office!

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady is preparing to take another swing at Koskinen.

“Frankly in my view the most corrupt IRS commissioner that I’ve ever dealt with continues, in my view, to mislead Congress,” Rep. Brady told reporters. “And until he’s removed, I don’t think the IRS will ever regain its credibility.”

Other committee chairmen are coming on board as well. Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker (R-NC) joins Government Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), and Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) in calling for Koskinen’s removal.

The only one standing in the way is Paul Ryan. He orchestrated the coup to save Koskinen’s job, now he’s blocking new resolutions from coming forward.

No more!

Remove this criminal now! Join us in bombarding Congress with FaxBlasts demanding they Remove IRS Commissioner Koskinen from office now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily