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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have announced their plans to run for reelection. The announcement comes despite Biden’s lack of popularity and Harris’ position as national laughing stock.

An NBC News poll published on Sunday found just 26% of Americans think Biden should run in 2024. 70%, including a majority 51% of Democrats say he should not run for a second term. 

The regime has already sprung into narrative rehab, with a new CBS Poll that carries the headline, “CBS News poll finds Democrats meet Biden reelection bid with acceptance, more than excitement.” The poll finds that 55% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters DO want Biden to run – with a margin of error of +/-5.6 points.

Unfortunately, in the age of rigged elections, what the voters want is irrelevant. Just ask Bernie Sanders. The margin of error on WHY he should run is +/-9.2 points – which is hilarious and reeks of manipulation. 


Biden may face a primary, but the outcome of any contest will be determined by the regime. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: You must restore election integrity now. You also must impeach this illegitimate President and prosecute everyone in his administration for their crimes. America cannot survive another day of Biden, let alone four more years.