Urgent Call to Action: Congress, GET Back To Work & BAN The Machines!
Congress has recessed for the holiday season, returning to their families while numerous urgent crises plague our nation. The obvious ones include the release of the January 6 political prisoners, the persecution and removal of Donald Trump from the Colorado primary ballot, the border crisis, and, most importantly, the integrity of our elections. Congress needs to return from their vacation ASAP and address these crises. They MUST ban the voting machines and stop the use of mail-in ballots!
Congress has a load of work to address once they get back from their recess. The time for action is now! Our country is currently being plagued by a multitude of crises, and they have time and time again continued to show total apathy towards these situations. In particular, Congress has failed to address the integrity of our elections, the very voice of the people!
The American people are very aware of the rampant election fraud affecting our nation. In 2020, the election was shamelessly snatched from President Trump and handed over to Biden, the deep state's chosen puppet. Undeniable evidence supports this claim, backed by impartial research and the brave revelations of whistleblowers.
These machines, tied to technologies like Albert sensors and FirstNet, have raised serious doubts about the validity of election results. The very methods that were meant to facilitate the voting process have been turned against the American people; our voice has been stolen! Congress needs to investigate this and BAN the machines!
The audacity of the fraud we are confronted with is staggering. From false votes to deceased individuals miraculously casting ballots, among other things – these machines have become tools for subverting the will of the people. Furthermore, the statistical irregularities in various counties point to alarming levels of election interference that cannot be ignored.
This is why, once Congress returns from their recess, they must immediately work on the integrity of our elections! The American people's voice must be heard! Congress, when you return from your holidays, you need to get to WORK! We the People elect you to represent us, we pay your salary, so WORK! We demand action NOW! Ban the electronic voting machines and stop the use of mail-in ballots; no vote without proof of ID is INVALID! We demand hand-counted ballots at the precinct level! Make our Elections Great Again!