The Cost of Freedom is 3 years… 1,096 days… 26,304 hours… 1,578,240 minutes
January 6th, 2021. Three years ago, thousands of patriots gathered in Washington, D.C. with hopes of redressing their grievances. These individuals believed in a system that would protect them: their right to free speech, their right to peacefully assemble and protest, and their right to redress grievances. Instead, the very system they trusted to protect these rights not only turned its back on them, but actively stripped them of the very liberties they were fighting for. The system intended to protect the January 6th protesters as they gathered at the Capitol was undermined, and instead, a system that would oppress them was upheld. 
The politicians in our government, whom we elected to uphold the principles of justice and defend our constitutional rights, have betrayed their solemn oath. They have shamelessly permitted the persecution of the J6 patriots, stripping them of their rights and ignoring their fundamental entitlements as citizens.
As Congress returns from recess, they must remember the anniversary of January 6th, recall those locked in prison, separated from their families, and stripped of their rights. Congress must FREE the January 6th protesters! Let Liberty Ring!
Saturday marked the third anniversary of the January 6th protests, and for many J6 protesters, the third anniversary or the fast-approaching third anniversary of being imprisoned, stripped of their rights, and separated from their families.
In December, Speaker Johnson released some footage from January 6th; footage that failed to provide even a shred of evidence supporting an insurrection, a charge the numerous J6 protesters are facing.
Yet, over the past three years, the government, using the FBI and other law enforcement, has tracked down, harassed, arrested, and persecuted countless protesters on charges that are unsubstantiated.
Three years of incarceration—some have gone three years without a trial, three years of mistreatment… 3 years… 1,096 days… 26,304 hours… 1,578,240 minutes. Three years of imprisonment based on no evidence, three years of imprisonment because the people of the United States expressed their first amendment right. This is the cost of freedom.
The cost of freedom for these men and women has been constant attacks on their families, on their finances, on their spirit, the American spirit. It's time to free them.
So, to Congress, We the People of the United States demand that you liberate the January 6th protesters from imprisonment. We demand that you uphold the system that allows the American people the right to assemble and speak freely. We demand that you release the remainder of the January 6th footage; we demand you ensure all January 6 protesters receive a fair and expedited trial process; we demand you LET LIBERTY RING & FREE THE J6 PATRIOTS!