Fellow Conservative,

It has been almost two weeks since the election. Donald Trump is busy interviewing and vetting potential cabinet picks. Hillary Clinton is… sitting at home.

The fact that the Clinton Dynasty is now over warms my heart. This past week, Hillary Clinton made her first public appearance since her stunning defeat and she didn’t look particularly well. To be honest, she looked like a woman who realizes she could go off to prison at any moment.

Donald Trump needs to play the “gracious victor” over the coming months, especially since any hint of a plan to prosecute Hillary Clinton would likely prompt an Obama pardon. But Congress still has a job to do. 

However, we are getting reports that the GOP leadership wants to move away from the Clinton investigation. They believe that Hillary losing is punishment enough for her and her staff's crimes....

Hillary Clinton lied, under oath, to Congress. They destroyed subpoenaed evidence. Just because she lost a Presidential Election doesn’t mean she should get away with it!

No pardons! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they re-open the investigation and charge Hillary Clinton with Contempt of Congress!

I understand why many people want Trump to lay off Hillary Clinton. But to do so would reaffirm the very corruption that we have fought so hard against.

The law has to apply equally to everyone, regardless of political status. This was never about politics. It was always about enforcing the law.

Our greatest fear was that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency and all of a sudden dismantle all of the investigations into her and her crooked foundation. Just like when Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the back of an airplane just days before the FBI reached its initial conclusion, there was the very real possibility that Hillary would use her power and influence to close the investigations against her if she was elected.

If that is what we feared she would do if she won, what does it say about us if we do the same thing now that she has lost?

If we are critical of people who use their power to avoid prosecution, how can we use the sudden loss of power to justify the same?

I don’t want to just throw Hillary in prison – though I think that’s where she ultimately belongs. I want, for the first time, her crimes to be aired out and for a Grand Jury decide whether her actions warrant prosecution. Instead of letting the political elite decide her fate, I want her to face a jury of her peers.

Earlier this week, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who is heading up the Congressional investigation into the Clinton server, announced that he was not ready to close the investigation.

Clinton lied to Congress under oath, her aides deliberately violated a Congressional subpoena, and Chaffetz is not ready to give up.

The GOP establishment is pushing for him to give it up, the Democrat establishment is pushing for him to give it up, and even the special interests are pushing for Chaffetz to end the investigation.

Almost everyone wants Congress to just stop investigating Hillary Clinton’s crimes… except the American people!

The GOP leadership wants to pardon the Clintons! Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they send the Hillary Clinton case to a Grand Jury!

In the lead up to the election, Congress took the entire month of October off. Think about everything that we learned about the Clinton investigation over the past two months. There were 650,000 emails discovered on Anthony Weiner's computer. Even though it took the FBI a whole year to investigate Hillary Clinton's 30,000 emails, we're supposed to believe that the FBI vetted 650,000 emails in a week and a half...

Think about everything that we learned from Wikileaks. For goodness sake, we have an email where Hillary Clinton’s lawyer advised the Clinton campaign not to let Hillary testify that she turned everything over because it would be a lie. Then she still testified that she turned over everything…

Some of the Wikileaks emails talked about staffers “getting away with it.” Another one featured Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman urging her team to "dump" her emails in light of incoming subpoenas. This email was sent on the same day that a campaign surrogate met with the FBI agent in charge of the investigation to discuss financing the agent’s wife’s political campaign.

The whole thing is beyond crooked. Part of Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is to air all of Washington’s dirty laundry, including the corruption in the Clinton investigation!

The American people deserve the truth. If Donald Trump has to play the gracious victor for the time being, that is fine.

Rep. Chaffetz isn't ready to give up, but he needs your help to kick the Congressional investigation into overdrive!

No pardons! Send your FaxBlast to Congress before its too late and DEMAND Contempt of Congress charges to send the Clinton case to a Grand Jury!

Justice for all,

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily