THIS is the video that should settle, once and for all, how ridiculous it is to try to invent age minimums out of thin air for the Bill of Rights. Be sure to share it on social media!

We agree that the Bill of Rights should have an age minimum. 21 should be the cut off... for the 3rd Amendment. That's right, the part of the bill of rights that protects Americans from having to quarter troops in their home.

Anyone under the age of 21 should absolutely have to quarter American troops in their homes. That means room and board.

You see, even though the 3rd Amendment makes no mention of an age window and applies the right to all Americans, if you read between the lines, you can tell that the Founders really wanted to set the age minimum at 21 but just forgot to, or something.

See how stupid this is? The bill of rights doesn't have age minimums or maximums because the rights enumerated belong to ALL American adults.

This is the video to wake up your anti-gun or just apathetic friends. Be sure to share it!