The walls are coming crumbling down.

Yesterday, we bombarded Congress with over 100 k FaxBlasts demanding that Susan Rice, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Obama White House be subpoenaed to testify before Congress about attempts to spy on Donald Trump and his team.

In case you missed it, Susan Rice has been outed as the highest-ranking (so far) Obama official responsible for ordering spying on Donald Trump. She ordered the “unmasking” of Donald Trump and his aides in intelligence reports as far back as a year ago. This is being reported by multiple agencies, including Fox, Bloomberg, CNN, and CBS. NBC and ABC are sweeping it under the rug.

Yet, when asked 12 days ago during a PBS interview, Susan Rice said she “knows nothing about this.” She was asked on camera whether she had any knowledge of Trump being spied on and she lied through her teeth. She lied just like when she stood before the nation and claimed that 4 Americans lost their lives in Benghazi because of a YouTube video.

Our call for subpoenas is working. Yesterday, after golfing with President Trump, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) became the first Republican to call for Susan Rice to be subpoenaed to testify.

This is all because of your activism.

Rand Paul heard your call. Now it is time to turn up the heat! Send your message to Congress and DEMAND they formally subpoena Susan Rice and the rest of the Obama White House to testify!

Can you imagine Trey Gowdy grilling Barack Obama under oath? Or Jason Chaffetz dissecting each and every lie that Susan Rice tells under oath? How long do you think Joe Biden can go before he cracks and accidentally admits to something?

A month ago, many in the media considered Trump to be a laughingstock for suggesting that Barack Obama spied on him. Today, he is vindicated.

But not all outlets are covering this story. CNN’s Don Lemon went on camera last night and declared he will not “aid and abet” those trying to distract from the “Russia scandal.” Yep. One of CNN’s primetime anchors swept a story of Watergate proportions under the rug to continue to push a conspiracy theory.

We have Susan Rice… on tape... saying she knew nothing about attempts to spy on Trump and his team. Now multiple sources are confirming she was the one behind it all. Even liberal sources are running with this story.

Of all the people we get to nail for this, isn’t it great that it is Susan Rice, the woman who told lie after lie during the Benghazi scandal?

If Obama was still in office, Susan Rice would be untouchable. It would take just one stroke of the pen for Obama to use executive privilege to block Congress from investigating these crimes.

But Obama isn’t President. Donald Trump is and he will not protect these criminals. The only limit to this investigation is Congress itself!

So, it is up to you to continue to hound Congress. Rise up and demand that Susan Rice, her accomplices, and even Barack Obama himself be subpoenaed to testify!

This is true with so many things now that Trump is President. For eight years, we had to deal with excuses from Republicans in Congress. When they were investigating Eric Holder and Fast and Furious, they were blocked because Obama used executive privilege to classify the evidence. When they were investigating Lois Lerner, the Obama administration stepped in and blocked their investigation.

Over and over, these Republicans said if the American people would only elect a Republican President, then they could get to the bottom of these scandals.

Well, that time has arrived and to no one’s surprise, Republicans are still making excuses.

No more excuses. We know that Obama’s National Security Advisor ordered the spying on Donald Trump. We know that she lied on television about it. And we know that the evidence exists.

The only thing missing is a Congress with the courage to act. And that is why it is more important than ever for you to demand action!

You’re the only thing Republicans fear! Send your FaxBlast and force Congress to subpoena Rice, Obama, and the rest of these criminals to testify!

Lock them up,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily