BREAKING NEWS: Jake Lang's Fiancée Shares Disturbing Account of Inhumane Treatment - Congress, Uphold Constitutional Rights!
BREAKING: Yesterday, via Jake Lang's Twitter account, @jakelangj6, his fiancée conveyed a distressing message detailing the new and inhumane conditions he's experiencing, along with the denial of basic human rights. The circumstances Jake faces constitute a clear breach of his constitutional rights and necessitate urgent action from Congress. No protester from January 6th deserves such inhumane treatment while incarcerated. Moreover, no individual, whether a January 6th protester or any other prisoner, should be deprived of their constitutional rights. Most importantly, no individual involved in the January 6th events should be imprisoned. Congress must ACT and respond to this violation of rights and free the J6 protesters!
At 16:42 on 2/7/2024, Jake Lang's fiancée released a statement from him, describing the inhumane conditions and denial of basic human rights he's experiencing. He revealed being relocated from the Central Treatment Facility, where other January 6th detainees were held, to a new facility housing convicted criminals.
Jake reported, “Babe they just grabbed me & moved me over to the BAD part of DC JAIL. I'm in unit South 1, the 'hole' of Central Detention Facility. I was in the Central Treatment Facility with the other J6ers, now I'm in a separate building!! 24/7 Solitary confinement, hands cuffed to take a shower or come out for recreation every other day, only 2 hours. No in person visits, no bowls or utensils to eat from, not allowed to have bars of soap, limited commissary items, and worst they took my discovery laptop & my hard drives I've been using to build exhibits for my trial!!! I'm now with other real DC Jail inmates (car jackers, thugs, gang members, etc...) This is probably retaliation for the new bond motion we just submitted & change of venue jury pool bias data we obtained… They are trying to shut me up, but God is still good & we will make it through this with His grace. I love you, please have everyone call the US Marshals and see what's going on!! My cell is like a dungeon!!"
Jake Lang's ordeal, along with that of other January 6th protesters, represents a shameful episode of relentless persecution. His recent efforts towards securing a new bond motion and exposing jury bias—where over 80 percent of jurors support severe sentences like life imprisonment or the death penalty for January 6th protesters—seem to have triggered excessive punishment, denial of basic human rights, and essential needs.
These actions directly contravene the Eighth Amendment's prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. Subjecting Jake to 24/7 solitary confinement, shackling him during showers, and withholding basic necessities like eating utensils is utterly reprehensible and demands the attention and intervention of every elected official sworn to uphold the rights of American citizens.
Furthermore, the confiscation of Jake's discovery laptop and hard drives, critical for building his defense against a system that is rigged against him, is deeply concerning and indicative of authorities' fear of truth.
It's imperative that Congress fulfills its duty to defend the rights of American citizens. Jake Lang's case is likely not isolated, as many January 6th detainees have endured similar harassment, persecution, and deplorable treatment. This systematic violation of the Eighth Amendment demands immediate action from Congress and all elected officials. Congress must advocate for Jake Lang and others whose Eighth Amendment rights have been repeatedly violated. It's time to defend and secure the release of January 6th protesters.
You can also call and make a complaint about the obvious RETALIATION & cruel unusual punishment they are doing to Jake & the J6ers!! (Edward Jacob Lang #376444)
Us Marsalls: 703-740-8132 / 703-740-8400
DC Jail Asst Warden Vick: 202-790-6592
DC Jail Command Center: 202-790-6601
DC Jail Assistant Mrs G Powell 202-523-6598
Thank you Patriots.