Pretty remarkable. Today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on Mike Pompeo's nomination to be the next Secretary of State. There are 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats on the committee. One of the Republicans is Rand Paul, who is expected to vote no. That means that with the 10 Democrats all voting no, Pompeo will not leave the Senate Committee with an endorsement.

He likely has enough votes to pass the full Senate, and if he does, he will be the first Secretary of State not to receive the committee's endorsement since the practice started in the mid-1800s.

Pompeo has already been holding meetings. He met face-to-face with Kim Jung Un to set up the May summit with Pres. Trump. He was incredibly successful, but the Democrats want to block him from officially taking over the State Dept.

That is how historic the Democrats' obstruction is. When Hillary Clinton went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she was approved with a 16-1 vote. John Kerry unanimously cleared the committee in 2013. Even though Republicans disagreed with Clinton and Kerry, they still allowed his nomination to move forward. 

With Trump, the Democrats are committed to blocking everyone that Trump nominates.

And the GOP leadership - specifically Mitch McConnell -- is perfectly willing to let them... 

 Kick Mitch to the curb! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm President Trump's nominees!

It's shameful. Less than 57% of Trump's nominees have been confirmed by the Senate. The Democrats are blocking everyone.

The GOP could end this in a split second. He could change the rules to pull the rug out from under these Leftist obstructionists.

But McConnell is too afraid. He would rather preserve the rules than enact the Conservative agenda.

Under the current rules, Democrats are allowed to demand a full 30 hours of debate on each nominee. In past years, both parties accepted that this was ridiculous. They would either fast-track nominations or group them together into single votes.

Chuck Schumer through that out the window. Democrats are demanding 30 hours of debate on each nominee. With hundreds of nominees waiting for a vote, even a best-case scenario would leave Trump with vacancies at the end of his first term.

That is the Left's plan. If they can stop Trump from filling positions, not only do they stop his agenda from moving forward, but by leaving the positions vacant, they ensure that Obama holdovers get to stay in government.

And the GOP is just letting it all happen.

The Democrats are blocking Trump's Judicial nominees, as well as his nominations to fill executive branch positions and ambassadorships. They are allowing Obama holdovers to continue to drive the past administration's "American Last" policies. We've already seen the havoc that just a few Obama holdovers can cause...

Across the board, Democrats are trying to deny Trump his victory and the GOP leaders who have the power to stop this are refusing to act.

If they will not bust through the Left's obstruction, then they must be removed!

Kick Mitch out! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to start confirming Trump's nominees before it's too late!