Fellow Conservative,

Here’s the bad news. Republicans apparently don’t have the votes to fund the border wall this year. We were the first to bring to you the news that Republican turncoats were abandoning the pledge to build a southern border wall. Now, other news outlets are confirming it.

We’re learning today that this is because some in the GOP are flat-out refusing to vote for it.

Congress has to pass a budget by April 28. Democrats have promised to vote against any bill that contains border wall funds. That means that even a handful of Republican “No” votes could doom the project.

There are Republicans who are willing to shutdown the government in order to stop the border wall from going up.

They are willing to shut down the Federal government in order to keep the border wide open.

Their betrayal has reached new heights…

Don’t take no for an action! Tell Congress they MUST fund the border wall or else they will be removed from office!

Please, let that sink in. There are Republicans who would be willing to force a government shutdown in order to make sure the border remains wide open.

It’s not surprising, honestly. These are the same so-called “conservatives” who tried to sabotage Trump’s campaign to get Hillary Clinton elected. These are the Congressmen and Senators who demanded that Trump suspend his campaign just days before the election.

Is it any surprise that Paul Ryan – who promised to never support Trump or his policies – would pull border wall funding from this year’s budget bill?

Is it any surprise that RINOs like Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or Susan Collins – who supported Obama’s amnesty programs – would threaten to vote against building a border wall?

What is shocking is that these turncoat Republicans would do this in the light of day. Usually, these types of surrenders happen behind closed doors. By the time we learn of these betrayals, it is typically too late to react.

However, not this time. We have an opportunity right now to put an end to this betrayal before it is too late!

Draw your line in the sand! Send your message to Congress and DEMAND that they put border wall funding back into the budget bill or else be removed from office!

The path forward is simple. Anyone who votes against border wall funding or allows it to be stripped from the budget must be removed from office.

That is the only language they understand.

Data released this morning shows that illegal alien arrests are up 30% so far this year. President Trump is doing everything he can to secure the border but he needs Congress to fund the wall!

He needs you to step up and demand it!

No more excuses! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and tell them in no uncertain terms that border wall funding in this year’s budget is non-negotiable!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily