Take a look at that picture above. That was the scene at the US-Mexico border checkpoint in San Ysidro yesterday. We reported that there was going to be a massive rush on the border. We were right. Members of the caravan tried to invade this country.

That is a picture of a woman, presumably a mother. dragging her diapered and barefoot children away from tear gas canisters at the border. First question I have is why this child -- who looks like she's 6 or 7 years old -- is wearing a diaper. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But what is even more bizarre is that this woman was going to have her young child climb over a barbed wire fence without shoes on...

It didn't take long for the media to run with this picture, trying to convince the American people that the Trump administration is shooting at women and children. What the media isn't telling people is that this woman is being deported by the Mexican government for 'violently' assaulting the US border. The Mexican government literally helped these people get to the US border. The assault on the border yesterday turned so violent, now they are being deported.

But Democrats don't care about the truth. Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) actually accused the Trump administration yesterday of using "chemical weapons" against women and children in the caravan. After being ruthlessly mocked, Schatz took down the tweet and started accusing the Trump administration of using "excessive" force against the caravan.

Forty-two of the migrants were able to break into the US during this invasion yesterday. Each and every one of them was arrested and Border Patrol had to use tear gas to stop others from breaking in. The caravan rushed with more than 500 people and were able to get 42 across the fortified "fence." The caravan is now promising to try again and rush the border with as many people as necessary for them all to break through.

This morning, President Trump released a statement promising that these violent caravan migrants "are not coming into the USA." He doesn't care what it takes, he is demanding full border wall funding otherwise he will let the government shut down!

Stop the caravan invasion! Tell Congress right now that there will be hell-to-pay if they do not immediately approve the border wall funding!

President Trump just spoke with GOP leaders to reiterate that he is not joking. If full border wall and border security funding does not reach his desk by the December 7 deadline, he will veto whatever Congress sends him and allow the government to shut down. Paul Ryan's response was totally predictable: there isn't enough time for Congress to fund the wall.

You see, the deadline to pass a new government spending package is December 7, just under two weeks away. However, between now and then, Congress is only planning on spending four full days and four half days in session. 

This is by design. If Congress isn't in session, they cannot push new legislation through the committee process. Ryan and McConnell will "have no choice" but to just keep the government funded at its current levels.

That means no border wall... no new hires for Border Patrol... no crackdown on sanctuary cities... and full funding for the United Nations and its agencies that are helping the caravan.

The GOP knows that Nancy Pelosi takes over the House on January 3rd. If they can force Trump to sign a continuing resolution, then Pelosi will have the power to block Trump's entire immigration agenda for the next two years at least.

That is why President Trump is making his stand right now. You can see what is happening at the southern border. What the photo doesn't show is that the caravan migrants were almost successful in breaking through the wall. Border Patrol only used tear gas once the illegal aliens started breaking through the wall and throwing rocks and pieces of concrete at Border Patrol agents...

President Trump is issuing his demand to Congress. Now he needs YOU to follow it up!

Hold Congress' feet to the fire! Use your power and FORCE Congress to fully fund the border wall and approve the President's immigration agenda!

The Trump administration was able to push back yesterday's invasion with tear gas. The caravan is already regrouping and planning a second assault on the border, this time using thousands more people.

We need the wall... Now!

President Trump cannot force Congress to do anything. Already, we are hearing Conservative Congressmen and Senators trying to get Trump to stand down. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) is now joining Democrats and urging Pres. Trump to abandon his government shutdown plan.

You see what is happening at the border. It is turning into a war zone and illegal aliens are still getting through the outdated and dilapidated fence.

The GOP doesn't think this is a priority. It is up to YOU to force them to act!

Stop the invasion! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to hold an emergency vote and fund the border wall immediately, or else face the consequences!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily