As the global establishment circles around alleged President Elect Lula De Silva, the citizens of Brazil are outraged. One percentage point, or less, separates Lula’s supposed victory from incumbent President Jair Bolsonero. 


Around the nation of Brazil, citizens appear to have learned from populist uprisings in other nations. For example, truckers are blockading roads and bridges, and protestors have set up burning barricades of tires and other materials. According to some reporting out of Brazil by citizen journalists on the ground, the National Road Police in Sao Paulo have joined with the protestors in blockading the airport. 

You won’t hear about this on mainstream news, and YouTube Brasil has announced that they are going to censor any content about questioning the results:

“Com os resultados das eleições presidenciais validados pelo TSE, estamos atualizando nossa política de integridade eleitoral e passaremos a remover conteúdos que violem nossa política. Saiba mais em.” 

In English:

“With the results of the Presidential Elections validated by the TSE, we are updating our electoral integrity policy, and we will proceed to remove content that violates our policy. Learn more.”

The election censorship in Brazil is a familiar tactic for Americans who dared question 2020. It’s not just elections, though, as censorship of dissenting political views is our new normal. On Monday, FNC host Tucker Carlson specifically called out Democrats and the media for using the attack on Paul Pelosi as reason to call for censorship on social media. 

All answers that come out of the Pelosi story spark more questions, including the recent affidavit from an FBI Special Agent who claims DePape fully admitted his plans to “kneecap” Nancy Pelosi in great detail with key references to the American Founding Fathers. The affidavit made no mention of the fact that DePape is an illegal immigrant from Canada who overstayed his visa or that he was well known for his leftist views (and insanity) in San Francisco. 

Worse, the police have changed their story on this Pelosi attack so many times that even the media is asking unwanted questions – thus, the calls for censorship.

We have long been told that censorship on big tech platforms is a matter of private businesses exercising their rights to do what they want with their businesses. But as Gateway Pundit reported this week, Twitter and Facebook have special portals with governmental entities so that “government officials can flag and delete content they dislike for any reason.” 

If government officials are working with technology companies to censor Americans, it’s not just a private company doing what it wants with its business. It’s the government using private companies to get around – to violate – the Bill of Rights. 

That’s a violation of their oaths, but as Carlson said, “Without censorship, the Democratic Party cannot continue to hold power…They need censorship, and they’re going to try to use this horrifying crime to hold on to it.”


Here’s today’s letter to Congress.

If you’re calling for technology companies to censor speech you disagree with, you are in violation of your oath. The Bill of Rights is non-negotiable. It was established explicitly to protect Americans from governments like you. 

Your government portals with Twitter and Facebook, your failed “Disinformation Governance Board,” your ubiquitous media narrative that a majority of Americans disbelieve – all examples of YOU violating OUR Bill of Rights. 

When we search for content that has been scrubbed from the internet or have our social media canceled for supporting the “wrong” candidates or policies, we become even more resolved in the change needed in American institutions. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Immediately denounce political censorship and use the power of your office to eliminate these unconstitutional and incestuous relationships between government and global business. 

Change is coming. Get on the right side.