Robert Mueller's witch hunt against President Trump will continue into 2018, but the Deep State's conspiracy against President Trump is starting to crumble.

This weekend, something remarkable happened. One of the biggest RINOs (Republican-in-Name-Only) came out and agreed that the FBI's biased, unethical, and illegal actions against Trump deserve a full criminal investigation.

Senator Lindsey Graham (shown above) -- who is certainly no Trump ally -- called for another special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the Deep State's plot to undo the 2016 election, specifically into how they used the Hillary Clinton-funded dossier to get a warrant to spy on Trump.

One of the lead never-trumpers from last year is now demanding a special prosecutor just to go after Deep State agents in the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence establishment.

"What I've saw, and what I've gathered in the last couple days, bothers me a lot, and I'd like somebody outside DOJ to look into how the dossier was handled and what they did with it," Graham said during an interview.

The interviewer then asked if Graham found something he didn't know about.

"Yes," he responded. Graham then went on to criticize the Obama administration for using the fake Trump dossier's to get permission to spy on the incoming administration.

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The news that Graham was also demanding a a new Special Counsel prompted the New York Times to go into damage control mode. They released an article claiming that the dossier had nothing to do with the decision to launch the Trump-Russia investigation. They realize that their entire witch hunt is about to come crashing down on them and their allies in the Deep State.

The media realizes that if word gets out, the entire investigation will be shut down.

We know for a fact that the Clinton campaign illegally paid a foreigner to write the dossier claiming that Trump was a traitor. 

We know for a fact that the Democratic Party and even Barack Obama's own campaign organization helped fund this dossier.

We know for a fact that the dossier is full of absolute falsehoods and that the FBI admitted that after a year, they could not verify it.

And now, based on Lindsey Graham's announcement, it is clear that this fake dossier was used by the Obama administration to spy on Trump and his aides. We already know that Obama spied on Micheal Flynn during the transition and that the FBI and Mueller used that illegal surveillance to trap him into a lie. 

The entire witch hunt is fruit of the poisoned tree. We already know that Peter Strzok, the lead FBI investigator who launched the original Trump-Russia investigation before later joining Mueller's team, met with other Deep State agents to plot an "insurance policy" against Trump in case he won the election. It has been confirmed that he was referring to the Russia investigation when he was talking about that insurance policy.

So, the politicized anti-Trump intent is already well-known. Now, we know how they were able to spy on Trump. They used a Clinton campaign research document -- which the FBI couldn't confirm -- to get a secret warrant to wiretap Trump's team.

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The tide is turning. The FBI and DOJ have completely ignored House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes' lawful subpoenas to surrender documents detailing how the dossier was used. They are refusing to even answer the committee's questions.

In the Senate, we now have Lindsey Graham joining Conservatives demanding that Mueller and the FBI be fully investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.

The media is doing everything they can to keep the facts from you. They want to take Trump down, by any means necessary. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have already admitted that there is no evidence of collusion. They know the whole thing is a sham. Yet, the Democrats want this witch hunt to continue anyway. 

They all couldn't beat Trump at the ballot box. Now, they want to undo the 2016 election by defeating him in the jury box.

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